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The 10 Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Santiago de Chile
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The 10 Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Santiago de Chile

Picture of Paula Zamorano Osorio
Updated: 9 February 2017
At the foot of the Andes sits Chile‘s capital city, Santiago de Chile. Right next to the longest mountain range in the world, Santiago offers breathtaking views. Be amazed by the sights which these superb rooftop bars and restaurants have to offer.
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Tramonto Bar & Terrace

The Tramonto Bar & Terrace, located on the top floor of the Noi Hotel in Vitacura, is among the most spectacular rooftop bars in Santiago. This bar offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Andes. With a delicious drinks and excellent cuisine as well as a swimming pool, the Tramonto Bar & Terrace provides everything you need for an incredible evening.

Tramonto Bar & Terrace, NOI Vitacura, Av. Nueva Costanera 3736, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2941 8100

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Elegant and sophisticated, Red2One is a bar to dress up for. It is to be found on the roof of the W Hotel, offering unbeatable views of the city. Red2One is considered to be the most exclusive bar in Santiago, a bar at which its guests enjoy the high life. The chic decor creates a vibrant atmosphere: white leather couches, silver mini tables and fiery red tones which give the bar its name. Music is an important feature at this rooftop bar with guest DJs often playing.

Red2One, W Santiago, Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2770 0000

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TwentyOne Bar

North of the Mapocho River in Providencia is the Hotel San Cristobal Tower, home to a popular rooftop bar: TwentyOne Bar. A favorite among jet-setters for its proximity to the airport, TwentyOne Bar offers fantastic views from a different perspective. From the TwentyOne Bar you can see a spectacular sunset and the moon rise, which is not so clearly visible from anywhere else in the city. For a peaceful evening with breathtaking sights, make sure to take a trip to TwentyOne Bar.

TwentyOne Bar, San Cristobal Tower, Josefina Edwards De Ferrari 0100, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2707 1000

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Casa Lastarria

A 1930s Tudor-style building is home to Casa Lastarria, a restaurant which has become a favorite among the local hipsters of the artistic and cultural Barrio Lastarria. It is a modest but slick establishment, serving an excellent Chilean lunch. There are three floors, with a dining room on the first floor, a bar and performance area on the second and a terrace on the third. Casa Lastarria is the perfect restaurant to enjoy local cuisine, music and cool views.

Casa Lastarria, José Victorino Lastarria 70, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 638 3236

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Room Number 9

Secret and exclusive, Room Number 9 aims to be the best bar in Santiago and is the brother of Franks, a bar which was chosen as the best in Latin America. Lurking behind an inconspicuous door, this bar is only to be accessed by those who are dining at the restaurant 040 and who know the password, or by those who are lucky enough to have received a premium membership from the owners. International bartenders make the most exquisite and creative cocktails, so keep an eye out for this mysterious terrace bar.

Room Number 9, Tinto Boutique Hotel, Calle Antonia López de Bello 040, Santiago, Chile, +56 9 92672849

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Brightly-colored and unique, Zanzibar offers a dining experience never to be forgotten. A great atmosphere makes customers immediately feel relaxed and at home in Zanzibar. The main dining-room is splendidly decorated, but it is the Morrocan, Caidale and River Side terraces which make this restaurant so special. Wooden tables, colorful material-covered stools, patterned carpets, mosaics and flowing drapes create a mystical atmosphere, whilst the open city views make this a light and refreshing place for dining.

Zanzibar, San JM Escrivá de Balaguer 6400, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2218 0118 / +56 2 2218 0120

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The Singular Rooftop Bar

The Singular Rooftop Bar is among the most privileged terraces in Santiago de Chile. Located on the 9th floor of the Singular Hotel, this rooftop bar has excellent views of Mount Santa Lucia and the Mount San Cristobal. This relaxed bar offers an extensive drinks menu which lists beverages and cocktails of all kinds, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, which can be enjoyed at the sophisticated bar area or on the external terrace which boasts elegant decking. The ambiance allows guests to feel at home and spend an enjoyable evening socializing with friends while enjoying the magical views.

Address & telephone number: The Singular Rooftop Bar, Merced 294, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 23068820

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Opera Catedral

Located in the artsy neighborhood Bellas Artes is an old favorite among locals: the Opera Catedral. By day, this eatery is a well-frequented cafe, but once the sun has set, watch out for the local musicians and artists who step on to the stage. All types of genres are played here, from electro to folk, and it is well worth a visit to discover local talents. Take a break from the excitement on the rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a cocktail and splendid views of Bellas Artes.

Address & telephone number: Opera Catedral, José Miguel de la Barra Esquina Merced, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 6643048

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Sarita Colonia Restaurante

Sarita Colonia Restaurante offers a Peruvian-Asian fusion cuisine. It attracts a mixed crowd and is gay-friendly. A quirky and kitsch decor with religious influences such as wooden confessionals and stained-glass windows. There’s even a life-size statue of Sarita Colonia herself. This restaurant celebrates life, death and friendship alongside excellent cuisine, giving it that unique image which makes it so popular. Reserve a seat on the rooftop patio to enjoy a view during your exciting meal.

Address & telephone number: Sarita Colonia Restaurante, Loreto 40, Recoleta, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2881 3937

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Restaurante Giratorio

Since the 80’s, Giratorio Restaurante, Santiago’s famous rotating restaurant, has been stunning its guests not only with its spectacular views but also with its inventive cuisine. Over the years, Giratorio Restaurante has remained one of Santiago’s most prestigious restaurants, offering a tempting menu full of international dishes with a Chilean touch. Take your time over your meal because the trajectory last for an hour and a half on average, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the views of all sides of the city.

Address & telephone number: Restaurante Giratorio, Av. Nueva Providencia 2250 Piso 16, Providencia, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2232 1827