The 10 Best Restaurants in Arica, Chile

Spicy shrimp in chilli sauce| © Gnawme/Flickr
Spicy shrimp in chilli sauce| © Gnawme/Flickr
Photo of Will Lees
3 December 2017

Chile offers a wide variety of foods to entice travelers into expanding their taste buds. From twists on classics like pizza and sandwiches to some exquisite ‘mariscos’ (or seafood), travelers won’t be in short supply of delicious cuisine. For the more traditional diner to the more adventurous one, these top Arica restaurants have something on offer for everyone.

Seafood Pasta | Jess Stafford / © Culture Trip

Di Mango

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There are two Di Mango restaurants in Arica, with both supplying a high quality dining experience. If short on time and not able to choose both, opt for a late lunch or early dinner at the Di Mango next to Chinchorro Beach. Sit outside on the patio in enough shade to stay cool and watch the Arica sun bouncing off the waves in the distance. Impeccable service, massive meat platters, delicious pizza, pasta and sandwiches to satisfy a hefty appetite.

Los Aleros de 21

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Los Aleros de 21 is well known to visitors and locals alike for its hearty, homestyle meals, so avoid the queues and call in a reservation ahead of time. Enjoy juicy steaks, fresh, colourful ceviche and other seafood dishes with a good and varied wine list for a perfect pairing with a fantastic meal.

Limon Lena Carbon

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What Limon Lena Carbon lacks in dining space it makes up for in flavour and presentation. Get a mix of Peruvian and Chilean food, and try both sides of the battle of Pisco with a Pisco Sour with dinner. Also, the price is on the lower end than some fine dining restaurants but the dishes and flavours do not in any way reflect that.

El Chalan

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Couldn’t get to Peru but want to try the local flavor? Look no further than El Chalan, offering authentic Peruvian cuisine in Chile. Typical ceviche, great shrimp dishes and high quality beef accompanied by great service make for a fantastic dining experience in Arica.


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Maracuya, named after the tart, refreshing fruit common in Latin America, sits right around the corner from El Morro, offering delicious food with an equally tantalizing view of the beach and ocean. Brilliant option for surf and turf and a great setting as the sun is dipping behind the horizon.


Entrance to Maracuya | Will Lees / © Culture Trip

Cafe del Mar

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For breakfast, lunch or dinner, grab a table outside of the restaurant on Paseo del Mayo and people watch as you wait for your food. As implied, the ‘Cafe of the Sea’ offers a good selection of seafood, but also has options for the vegetarian in the group and delicious drinks – and happy hour runs all day!

Restaurante Rayu

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Next door to Di Mango and close to Chinchorro Beach, Restaurante Rayu provides awe inspiring presentation and flavours that follow suit, with unique sauces, incredibly fresh seafood, and interesting Peruvian combinations, too. Lomo saltado, ceviche, octopus or a juicy steak are all common selections and all pair well with a Pisco based beverage.

La Pica de Muertito

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San Miguel de Azapa
San Miguel de Azapa | Will Lees / © Culture Trip

Tick off two necessary tasks while in Arica and visit the impressive Mummy Museum and fill up on some delicious Chilean food in a beautiful, relaxed environment in San Miguel de Azapa, 20 minutes outside of Arica. Fuel up before or after the museum and enjoy this breezy, tranquil, sandy environment.


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A Peruvian Classic in Arica, Lomo Saltado
A Peruvian Classic in Arica, Lomo Saltado |  © stu_spivack / Flickr

If looking to escape the busy Arica city center, Amoramar is a quieter, ‘hidden’ gem just outside Arica. As it is a fine dining Peruvian restaurant, prices are a tad more expensive, but order shared plates as per Latin American custom and try a variety of dishes if on a budget.

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Salon de Te 890

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A few nights in Arica means trying an abundance of seafood. If looking for a change, visit Salon de Te 890 and order one of their tasty pizzas. Not hungry? Have a tea or a sweet tart instead – it is a ‘tea house’ after all!