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The 10 Best Bars In Santiago, Chile

The 10 Best Bars In Santiago, Chile

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Santiago has never been highly praised for its nightlife, however, in recent years there has been a visible increase in bars and clubs bringing the city to life. Remembering that Chile is home to pisco sour and is a world famous producer of excellent wines, delight your taste buds at these top bars.

La Piojera

La Piojera, which got its name after the Chilean president Alessandri visited and exclaimed that the bar was a ‘piojera’, is possibly the most famous bar in Santiago. The location itself has functioned as a bar since 1896 and has always been a favorite meeting place among the locals. Group toasts, spontaneous singing and heart warming conversations are common at this friendly bar. The key drink at La Piojera, especially for those with a sweet-tooth, is the brain-freezing terremoto, Chile’s national drink generally reserved for Independence Day celebrations, made with pineapple ice cream, pipeño and fernet.

Address & telephone number: La Piojera, Aillavillu 1030, Santiago, Chile, + 56 02 269 81682

Bar The Clinic

The Clinic, Chile’s national satirical magazine, has opened its own bar – Bar The Clinic. Pasted all over the walls of the bar are The Clinic’s political cartoons, and the menu, which boasts a Chilean wine list of four pages, copies the magazine’s layout. Bar The Clinic, which is frequented by budding politicians and socialists, serves food and drink from as early as 1 pm, a somewhat unusual concept in Santiago. For a taste of Chile’s beverages, politics and social culture, make a stop at Bar The Clinic.

Address & telephone number: Bar The Clinic, Jorge Washington 58, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2920 8304

Sarita Colonia

Known for its ‘transvestite Peruvian cuisine’, or rather Peruvian Asian cuisine, Sarita Colonia is a unique restaurant bar in Chile’s capital. The Sarita Colonia resto-bar, which celebrates life, death, friendship and good gastronomy, attracts customers of all types of backgrounds and styles who crowd round the bar area and fill the rooftop terrace. Quirky and kitsch, with an unusually religious décor involving wooden confessionals and stained glass windows, Sarita Colonia will surprise, amuse and welcome everyone who steps through the door.

Address & telephone number: Sarita Colonia, Loreto 40, Recoleta, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2881 3937

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Chile’s wine is world famous, so what better place to have a taste than in Santiago’s best vino-bar? Located in the artsy Lastarria neighborhood, the classy BocaNáriz features a selection of nearly 400 national wines on its menu, which has been chosen among the best wine lists in the world three years in a row by the international magazine, Wine Spectator. A menu of over 40 dishes accompanies the wine list, offering snacks, starters, mains and desserts which bring out the flavors of their carefully maintained wine. For any wine connoisseurs in Santiago, BocaNáriz is a must-visit bar.

Address & telephone number: BocaNáriz, José Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2638 9893

Premium Chilean Red Wines
Premium Chilean Red Wines| © Dominic Lockyer/Flickr

Chipe Libre

Aside from wine, Chile is well-known for producing pisco, the national drink which Chileans are proud of. However, this much-loved brandy is a cause of a greatly heated debate between Chile and its long term rival, Peru, but when visiting Chipe Libre, a self-acclaimed ‘Independent Republic of Pisco’, there is only love for the drink in all its forms. Chipe Libre is the best place in the city to sample and learn about the variations of the drink, since the barmen are ready to explain the difference between them, so drop into Chipe Libre and see which country’s pisco delights you most.

Address & telephone number: Chipe Libre, José Victorino Lastarria 282, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 26640584

Chilean Pisco
Chilean Pisco| © SEREMI/WikiCommons


Liguria is one of the old favorites in Santiago, whose popularity allowed it to open two more locations, each one bursting with character and fully decorated with Chilean memorabilia and vintage posters. Since Liguria is a restaurant bar which serves excellent traditional Chilean dishes, it is common for locals to have dinner here and stay for the live music until late into the night. For a fun evening out, Chilean style, head to Liguria.

Address & telephone number: Lguria, Liguria Manuel Montt, Av. Providencia 1353, Providencia,Metro Manuel Montt, Santiago, Chile, + 56 2 2235 7914


For those who are looking for elegance and sophistication, Red2One is the perfect bar. Located on the roof of the W Hotel, this bar offers unbeatable panoramic views of Santiago and the Andes. White leather couches, silver mini tables and red tones set the scene at Red2One, which is considered to be Santiago’s most exclusive bar, at which guests truly live the high life. Guest DJs perform at Red2One for guests to enjoy whilst sipping a delectable cocktail.

Address & telephone number: Red2One, W Santiago, Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2770 0000

Red2One| Courtesy of Red2One


After living in several different countries before arriving in Santiago, the owners of Etniko, Olivier and Christián Jeannot, created Etniko, a cosmopolitan bar offering an international menu, which is constantly being updated, in keeping with the new recipes and gastronomical discoveries around the world. Aside from the original and unique dishes, Etniko offers splendid drinks to get the night going, and once it has, this restaurant transforms into a lively club, where music, dancing and drinks make an unforgettable night.

Address & telephone number: Etniko, Constitucion 172, Providencia, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 7320 119


There is no better place to enjoy and discover Bellas Artes’ local music scene than Opera-Catedral. In the evenings, this bar hosts live music performances, inviting local musicians and artists to step onto their stage. Music genres vary from folk to electronic, so whatever your taste in music, take a trip to Opera-Catedral to spend an enjoyable evening. Enjoy the views of the Bellas Artes and get a breath of fresh air from the rooftop terrace.

Address & telephone number: Opera-Catedral, José Miguel de la Barra Esquina Merced, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 6643048

Opera-Catedral| Courtesy of Opera-Catedral

Restobar Ky

Dress up when vising the smart and sophisticated Restobar Ky, a bar and restaurant owned by chef and photographer Juan Pablo Izquierdo. Ky is situated inside a refurbished old atmospheric house, decorated with items found in local flea markets to create an eclectic and individual space. This Asian speakeasy is the perfect place to enjoy some fusion martinis, lounging on the comfortable sofas, otherwise, book a table in advance, for Ky has become popular and fills up quickly every night.

Address & telephone number: Restobar Ky, Av. Perú 631, Santiago, Chile, +562 2777 7245