11 Reasons Chile Is an Introvert’s Dream Destination

os Cuernos Torres del Paine © Hector Garcia / flickr
os Cuernos Torres del Paine © Hector Garcia / flickr

Are you traveling to Chile and identify as an introvert? You’re in luck! From one introvert to another, Chile is a dream destination for the shy, reserved, and solitude-seeking traveler. Here are 11 reasons why you can feel great about Chile being your next vacation destination when you prefer not to mingle.

Public transportation

If you are an introvert, you might be cringing at the thought of public transportation, but for the most part, services are chill and make for easy travel throughout Chile. In Santiago there is the metro, but outside the capital minibuses and taxis are the most popular method of transport. Uber also operates in Chile if you prefer direct, low communication travel. If you want to go the distance – northern to southern Chile – Turbus offers affordable, comfortable transit. Good, reliable public transportation links mean you can see more of the cities and country, while traveling by yourself.

A Chilean Turbus: a great way of getting around Chile for those who prefer to keep to themselves | © Qwerty242/WikiCommons


Tours are a great way to see the main attractions and tourist sites safely, especially if you are traveling on your own. It’s possible to hook up with small groups, and tours are available for any type of excursion, whether it’s skiing in the Andes, winery tours, Atacama Desert, Patagonia, and so much more. Chile’s various sustainable tour services are a great way to see places that you might not have been able to visit otherwise. Check out some of the tours available and get inspired here.

Take a tour of a Chilean winery | © Fsanchezs/WikiCommons

Low population density

This sounds complicated but it’s not. This just means the relationship between land to population is favorable for introverts; Chile has only 64 people per square mile. To put that in perspective, China’s population density is 372 per square mile and for the US it’s 86 per square mile. This also means that there is lots of open space and no lack of national parks or hiking trails. Check out Culture Trip’s article on the best things to do and see in Chile here.

Valle Francés, Patagonia | © Pixabay


Eating out in a new place can be stressful for an introvert; so it’s a good thing Chile is full of local markets! From Santiago’s street food to sea food markets in Valparaiso and vegetable markets in Puerto Varas, sourcing good food to make back at your accommodation will be no trouble at all. And don’t forget that Chile is famous for its wine, so be sure to grab some to go with the market’s freshest catch.

Boutique hotels and hostels

Speaking of accommodation, Chile’s boutique hotels and hostels will be a great home away from home for the introvert. Hostels usually have people thinking crowded, cramped and cheap. But boutique hostels are different; they are targeted toward the traveler in search of serenity, a little luxury, and privacy. You’ll likely share a kitchen and common space with other guests, but chances are they are like you, and will keep to themselves unless conversation is mutually desired. Check out affordable hostels here.


Prefer reading over going out? No worries, Chile is known as the Land of Poets, so you’re sure to find good books at hostels, libraries or book stores. Check out famous works by nobel prize winners Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda. Interested in more contemporary literature? Check out Culture Trip’s recommended authors here. Fascinated by wild Patagonia? Be sure to pick up a copy of Patagon Journal LINK, Patagonia’s magazine, full of striking images, compelling interviews and great adventure suggestions.


Yoga is a great way to care for your body in the midst of traveling. A favorite among introverts and popular throughout Chile, you’ll have no trouble finding places to practice yoga. Another plus is that going to a yoga class is a great way to practice Spanish.

Yoga is an introvert's dream in Chile | © Chevanon Photography/Pexels


If you’re an introvert, you probably don’t mind spending all day at home, curled up by a fire with a warm drink and a good book. For this reason, traveling to the south of Chile during winter is perfect for you. Not only will there be fewer tourists around, the weather will be a big permission slip to spend the day in solitude, in the coziness of your room.

Cold winters are the best reason to curl up indoors | © jill111/Pixabay

Small towns

More of a small-town girl or boy? You’re coming to the right place. Big cities can be overstimulating for the introvert, who will often opt for a small town with big character. Good thing Chile has lots of those, from the north all the way to Patagonia. Be sure to check out our guide to the best towns in Chile.


A place to start the day, have an afternoon pick-me-up, or for an evening pause, a quaint, locally-owned coffee shop is a home base for the introvert. Chile’s artistic towns and big cities are both full of these hole-in-the-wall spots. They’re not hard to find – they practically line the streets, but here’s our guide to some of Chile’s best coffee houses.

Coffee for one | © eak_kkk/Pixabay

Artisan shops

Big malls are over stimulating and tend to be avoided by introverts who likely prefer quaint, locally-owned shops with a story. You’ll find that and more in Chile, which is full of artisan and boutique shops. From locally-sourced wool to silver jewelry and everything in-between: antiques, books, adventure gear, etc. And you’re sure to make friends with passionate shop owners.

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