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Catedral de Marmol | © Javier Vieras / Flickr
Catedral de Marmol | © Javier Vieras / Flickr

24 Photos That Prove Chile is Nothing Like You'd Expect

Picture of Will Lees
Updated: 11 December 2017

It’s fair to say that if you have not visited a certain destination, you cannot truly draw an accurate picture as to what it is like. It’s easy to emphasize stereotypes or well known characteristics about the place, but until you actually visit, you will be missing the mark. Chile is a shining example of this, and even if you have spent a lot of time in Chile’s neighbouring countries, it will still break down your assumptions, and never fails to impress. 

With so much coastline, an incredible sunset every night is an absolute given

But it’s not only the Pacific Ocean that will attract you to the water

Some places you will want to only admire from a distance

Others, you will be able to hear before you even see

Turn around to have your breath taken away…

As the scenery down here is unparalleled and untouched

Where the crisp blue sky meets the glowing green ground

Make friends of all kinds

In places you can’t imagine actually exist

But it’s not all rugged wilderness, rivers, and forests…

The north of Chile is also home to the famous Atacama Desert

As well as the incredible Atacama Salt Flats

As well as Arica, the driest city in the world, which is always ready for a beach day

However, there is much more to Chile than the wilderness and the beaches

Chile is speckled with beautiful coastal cities, like Iquique

Or the bustling, beautiful city of Antofagasta

The peaceful Japanese gardens in enchanting La Serena

Or the artsy, colourful city of Valparaiso

Neighbouring Viña del Mar is a civilized, coastal paradise town and is a must visit as well

Venture inland to visit the diverse and beautiful capital of Santiago

Which is especially beautiful from above, up at the Santa Lucia Viewpoint

Santiago impresses in many ways, including with how modern it is, paving the way for the country’s future

Although a sprawling capital city, Santiago has quaint little areas and changes around every corner

So visit, create your own memories, and break your own preconceptions of this incredible country. Chile awaits.