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General Carrera lake, Chile | © Iwanami Photos/Shutterstock

15 Photos That'll Make You Want to Explore Chile's Majestic Marble Caves

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Harry Stewart
Updated: 16 June 2017
Hidden beneath a peninsula on Lake General Carrera on the border between Argentina and Chile is one of Patagonia’s most breathtaking sights. Las Cuevas de Mármol (The Marble Caves) are a spectacular system of pure marble tunnels perched just above the azure waters of this age-old glacial lake, an incredible natural wonder that is just itching to be explored. Don’t believe us? Jump on a ferry from Chile Chico or check out the following pics to see for yourself.

The journey starts in Lake General Carrera, a place worthy of a visit in itself

Lake General Carrera | © Cristian Gonzalez G./Flickr

But it’s the caves we’re here to see… Is that it?

Nope, just an island

Getting closer

Getting closer | © Paula Christensen/Flickr

Almost there guys…

Aaaand, here it is

Like something out of a dream

Some parts are green…

Other parts are blue…

Marble Caves | © Backpackerin/pixabay

Very, very blue

Renting a kayak is the best way to get around

General Carrera lake, Chile | © San Hoyano/Shutterstock

Because there are lots of cool little tunnels to explore

General Carrera lake, Chile | © Jose Arcos Aguilar/Shutterstock

You can get right up close to the marble marvel

Marble Cathedral, Patagonia | © San Hoyano/Shutterstock

Or just appreciate such beauty from a distance

General Carrera lake, Chile | © Jose Arcos Aguilar/Shutterstock

Time to go home now. What an awesome day out!

General Carrera lake, Chile | © Iwanami Photos/Shutterstock