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What’s On in Rio De Janeiro in February
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What’s On in Rio De Janeiro in February

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Updated: 19 January 2017
February in Rio de Janeiro means only one thing – carnival. This month the streets will be filled with parties, as businesses close shop and people forget all their worries and cares to embrace the carnival celebrations. The official carnival starts February 24, but the street parties (known in Brazil as blocos) start much sooner.


FOOD | Feast on fresh, homemade food at a food truck

📅 Wednesday, February 1

Food Park Carioca gathers together approximately 25 stalls and food trucks that sell homemade chunky burgers, hot dogs, churros and locally-brewed beer. On Wednesday, the homemade beer stall, Biergarten, will have a special offer with two for one on their cups of beer.

📍 Car Park of Extra Tijuca. Rua Mariz e Barros, 975, Tijuca, Rio De Janiero, Brazil

LIVE SHOW | Watch a live performance from the legendary Jorge Ben Jor

📅 Saturday, February 4

Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, his songs probably will. Jorge Ben Jor is a Brazilian musician, famous for songs such as Taj Mahal and Mas que Nada, which will make up part of his live show in Rio’s city center on February 4.

📍 Arena Banco Original, Av. Rodrigues Alves, 335, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2246 0746

PARADES | Watch some of the main samba schools rehearse their parade performance

📅 Sunday, February 5

Two of Rio’s largest samba schools will head to the Sambódromo in the city center for their last official practice before the main event at the end of February. The two schools will be Vila Isabel at 8PM, and Salgueiro at 9:30PM. It is a great chance to get a glimpse of what the parades are like at carnival, and most carnival rehearsals are free to attend.

📍 Sambódromo, R. Marquês de Sapucaí–Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2976 7310


CARNIVAL BLOCO | Enjoy two official carnival street parties

📅 Wednesday, February 8

There will be two official carnival street blocos on February 8, each with an expected 2,000 attendees. Boca Maldita will start at 4PM in Copacabana and will do a circuit through the streets, and Bloco Do Tião Dos Embaixadores Da Folia will start at 5PM in Lapa.

📍 Boca Maldita, Praça Demétrio Ribeiro, Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

📍 Bloco Do Tião Dos Embaixadores Da Folia, Av. Gomes Freire, 533, Lapa, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

CARNIVAL BLOCO | Be one of the 50,000-crowd at this huge bloco

📅 Saturday, February 11

Banda de Ipanema is one of the most famous blocos during carnival, with its crowds of 50,000 people a testimony to that. This bloco, which starts at 5:30PM is open to everyone from families, groups of friends and couples, plus this is an LGBT-friendly street party. Put on bright colors, get into a costume and pack your stamina for the biggest bloco of the year.

📍 Banda de Ipanema, Rua Jangadeiros, Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

CARNIVAL BLOCO | Head to Jardim Botanico to join another 15,000 people

📅 Sunday, February 12

The bloco Me Esquece will loop and wind through the leafy streets of Jardim Botanico, attracting a younger, student crowd. Starting at 10AM and continuing through the afternoon means that partygoers spend some of the hottest hours of the day outside – and in Rio’s summer, that can reach dizzy highs of 50 degrees celsius. Drinking is a part of the bloco culture, but be sure to drink plenty of water too to enjoy the best of these street parties.

📍 Me Esquece, Corner of Rua Jardim Botânico and Rua Pacheco Leão, Jardim Botânico, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


LIVE SAMBA | Take part in Rio’s most traditional samba outdoor events

📅 Monday, February 13

Head to Pedra do Sal on Monday evening for this traditional Rio de Janeiro event that is an immensely popular hangout with both locals and visitors. It’s a free outdoor event that has live samba bands playing, simple stalls put up for the occasion that sell suitably strong caipirinhas to shake off the Monday blues, and an animated crowd who sing, dance, chat and chill. Get familiar with the samba beats for carnival at Pedra do Sal.

📍 Pedra do Sal, R. Argemiro Bulcão, S/N – Saúde, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

CARNIVAL BLOCO | Join this 100,000-strong street party

📅 Saturday, February 18

With an expected 100,000 people attending this bloco, Simpatia É Quase Amor promises to be a wildly fun street party. It starts at 4PM and continues for four hours as the music truck slowly winds through the streets. Party, sing and dance with the opportunity to take breaks to cool off on the beach during and after the bloco.

📍 Simpatia É Quase Amor, Praça General Osório, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

CARNIVAL BLOCO | Party at one of the most famous blocos in Rio

📅 Sunday, February 19

As carnival approaches, the blocos just keep getting bigger and bigger. Bloco Da Preta starts at midday in Rio’s city center. Expect to be partying alongside an estimated 400,000 other partygoers. This bloco will arguably be the biggest, wildest and most fun street party so far this year.

📍 Bloco Da Preta, Rua Primeiro de Março, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


CARNIVAL BLOCO | The official first bloco of carnival

📅 Saturday, February 25

Despite the dozens of blocos that have already started throughout the city, February 25 marks the official first bloco which consequently happens to be one of the most popular and well-attended street parties. Cordão Da Bola Preta starts at 9:30AM and will attract an estimated one million partygoers. Wear whatever costume makes you feel good and fresh (it gets hot), although typically many people will wear black and white polka dot fancy dress.

📍 Cordão Da Bola Preta, Rua Primeiro de Março, Centro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

CARNIVAL PARADE | The official carnival parades begin

📅 Sunday, February 26

February 26 marks the official beginning of the carnival parades where the samba schools enter the Sambódromo to compete against each other to be crowned the winner. The parades are extravagant, contagious and colorful. The schools that will compete on this day are Paraíso do Tuiuti, Grande Rio, Imperatriz, Vila Isabel, Salgueiro and Beija-Flor.

📍 Sambódromo, R. Marquês de Sapucaí–Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2976 7310

CARNIVAL PARADE | Watch the final day of the carnival parades

📅 Monday, February 27

February 27 signals the last day of the official carnival parades until the winner is announced on March 4. Starting at 10PM, the following schools will compete: União da Ilha, São Clemente, Mocidade, Unidos da Tijuca, Portela, and Mangueira.

📍 Sambódromo, R. Marquês de Sapucaí–Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2976 7310