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Fried sardines at Casa da Ostra | courtesy of Casa da Ostra
Fried sardines at Casa da Ostra | courtesy of Casa da Ostra
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Top 10 Places To Eat Near Maracanã Stadium, Brazil

Picture of Sarah Brown
Updated: 14 November 2016
The Maracanã Stadium attracts massive amounts of people each year. However, the surrounding area is truly Brazilian with few tourist spots making it the perfect place to check out and experience the authentic side to Rio. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best places to grab a bite to eat around Maracanã.
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Intervalo Cafe

Sometimes, a light and healthy option is all that will do and Intervalo Cafe gives exactly that. The menu has a wide variety of options, from salads to quiches, it doesn’t disappoint. The ricotta salad with mustard and honey dressing is among highly recommended menu items. It can also satisfy the most persistent of sweet tooths with a delicious creamy hot chocolate and their wonderful brigadeiros, a typical Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk and chocolate topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Intervalo Cafe, Rua Isidro de Figueiredo, 01, Maracana, RJ, Brazil +55 21 3264-3983

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Show De Bola

Perfectly located near to the Maracanã Stadium, Show de Bola, which translates roughly to ‘awesome’ and has worked hard to stay true to its name, and it’s done it well. Great, wholesome food with a wide variety makes up the per kilo option where customers pick what they want from a huge selection before getting weighed up and priced based on a set kilogram price. It’s a popular place to stop in for lunch or dinner with reasonable prices and a comfortable atmosphere.

Show de Bola, Rua São Francisco Xavier, 341, Maracanã, RJ, Brazil +21 3872-2099

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Os Renatos Pizzeria

A highly popular restaurant with the locals, Os Renatos Pizzeria is tucked out of the way but worth seeking. A crispy base and generous amount of toppings is their recipe for a great pizza, and if you can’t decide between two toppings, just order meia-meia (half-half), one pizza comes split with two different toppings. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and friendly with classic rock playing in the background and regular bursts of laughter from customers.

Os Renatos Pizzeria, Rua Isidro de Figueiredo, 5, Maracana, RJ, Brazil

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Casa Da Ostra

Casa da Ostra (House of the Oyster) is a seafood restaurant located near the Maracanã Stadium that offers fresh, locally sourced sea food. It is one of the pricier restaurants nearby, but with an all-you-can-eat option and delicacies such as lobster, oysters, prawns and roasted fish, it’s worth the splurge. There is also sushi available.

Casa da Ostra, R. Barão de Mesquita, 58, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 21 2254-1925

Petisco Da Vila

Famous for its lively atmosphere that pulls crowds in on any given day, Petisco da Vila serves a wonderful selection of appetizers that satisfy either as a dinner option or a hearty snack. With indoor and outdoor seating available, it is a great option on sunny days, but outdoor seats fill up quickly! It has a delicious menu for lunch and dinner, as well as a per kilogram option that gives customers a substantial selection of food.

Boulevard 28 de Setembro, 238, Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 21 2576-6321

Classicos Do Maraca

Classicos do Maraca serves good, honest food, cold beer, and is just the place to fuel up for the next game on your list. The roasted meat meal is homemade daily and highly recommended. The service is friendly and efficient, which is the least customers can hope for on match days when the pressure is on. Prices are reasonable, making it a cheaper option for those looking for budget friendly restaurants.

R. São Francisco Xavier, 445, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 21 2569-4467


Declared by many locals as the ‘best Japanese restaurant in Rio’, this place certainly has won over a strong crowd of fans. With a diverse selection of fresh fish, chef Eduardo Nakahara and his team lovingly and carefully prepare plate after wonderful plate of sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. It’s a small local establishment so it’s best to arrive early to grab a table. The karasumi, which is a salted mullet roe, is highly recommended.

R. São Francisco Xavier, 170, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 21 2264-0274

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Feira De Sao Cristovão

Rather than a restaurant, Feira de Sao Cristovão is a large, contained market and has dozens of options to choose from and all at reasonable prices. Go with an empty stomach and prepare yourself for a feast of Brazilian foods from all across the country, made authentically by locals and served in ample portions. The most popular dishes are from the northeast, so expect lots of fresh fish, meat, cassava and sometimes a bit of chili. Visitors can walk off their huge lunches by strolling around the many stalls there that sells various home-made crafts and souvenirs.

Campo de Sao Cristovao, Sao Cristovao, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

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As the names suggests, a viking theme is predominant in this steak and burger restaurant. Vikings serves up fantastic burgers and delicious American-style appetizers such as onion rings, ribs and cheesy fries. The service here is one of the best in the area with attentive, friendly staff. Try to save room for dessert, the brownie vulcan is the ultimate indulgence for chocolate lovers. It’s a tower of chocolate brownies topped with chocolate sauce and cream. Another classic dessert featured on the menu is the apple pie with ice cream. Get there early as queues start forming around eight at night.

Rua Almeida Joao Candido Brasil, 86, Maracana, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

One of the delicious desserts at Vikings | courtesy of Vikings

One of the delicious desserts at Vikings | courtesy of Vikings

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Feitico da Vila

This place famously serves a galeto (roasted small chicken) that is enough to serve the whole street. Made for two people, the chicken comes with fries, beans, farofa (a Brazilian cassava flour) and a mushroom sauce, guaranteeing it to be more than sufficient to satisfy even the most ravenous appetites. Feitico da Vila also has a well-stocked beer and wine collection to pair with their house hamburgers.

Boulevard 28 de Setembro, 330, Vila Isabel, Rio de Janiero, Brazil +55 21 2577-8670