Top Spots To Explore In Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil

Almécegas I Courtesy of Dara Liberman
Almécegas I Courtesy of Dara Liberman
Photo of Dara Liberman
9 February 2017

Right in the middle of Brazil, next to the capital Brasilia, there lies a natural paradise called Chapada dos Veadeiros. For those who love hidden waterfalls, this is the place to go. Wake up early, pack some snacks, wear a comfortable pair of shoes, and, if you like, hire a professional guide to go with you on the hike. There are over three hundred waterfalls around, but make sure to include the ones on the following list to your trek.

Saltos Waterfall Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

Located inside Sao Jorge Village, the National Park is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The park has a visitation limit per day (only four hundred people), so arrive early, especially during the holiday season. Once you get there, choose which hike you would like to go on, — Saltos or Canions. Both hikes are long, but the level is easy.

Vale da Lua Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Vale da Lua

The Vale da Lua (Moon Valley) is a mind blowing place shaped by rocky formations similar to moon rocks. Located on the road between Sao Jorge Village and Alto Paraiso, this exotic spot is reachable after a short hike from the parking lot. There are three natural pools where you can swim and explore, so take your time enjoying all the scenery.

Santa Barbara Waterfall Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Santa Barbara Waterfall

Considered one of Chapada dos Veadeiros’ highlights, Santa Barbara is located inside Quilombo Kalunga Community, in Cavalcante County. This stunning crystal water pool requires a guide company to get there, and you can hire one when you reach the city who will help you on the dirt road drive. The long drive to reach this place is worth every liter of gas.

Couros Fall Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Couros Fall

It is a long way through a dirt road to reach Couros Fall — however, once you get there you will know it was worth it. This complex of overwhelming falls starts with the big one featured above, and continues down Couros River. It is not necessary to hire a guide to go there, but it is recommended to know which places are possible for swimming. This place will truly show you the power of nature.

Almécegas I Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Almécegas I e II

These two waterfalls are located inside Sao Bento’s Farm, on the road between Sao Jorge Village and Alto Paraiso. After parking your car, walk about 20 minutes until find two beautiful waterfalls, one of them sixty meters high.

Final Tips

Most of the waterfalls are located inside private properties, meaning you will have to pay around R$20 to go inside. On these ones you will find parking, bathrooms and a restaurant.

We suggest you wake up early to enjoy the day. Hiking under the sun is not the best idea.

Between April and September is dry season. The rain starts between October and May. Both seasons are good to visit, but during the last one, be aware of possible waterspout when it rains in the river source.

There are a few Brazilian bank branches in Alto Paraiso, however we suggest you bring cash. Most of the places don’t accept credit card.

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