The Best Weekend Trips from Salvador

Horses at the Morro de Sao paulo Beach in Salvador, Brazil | © rodrigobark/Shutterstock
Horses at the Morro de Sao paulo Beach in Salvador, Brazil | © rodrigobark/Shutterstock
Photo of Georganne Hassell
10 April 2017

Looking for a little break from the city scene in Salvador? There are plenty of chill beaches just down the coast from the Bahian capital, all offering plenty to do for a weekend. Check out Culture Trip’s guide to the top weekend breaks from Salvador.

Praia do Forte

Head north on the Bahia peninsula and up the eastern coastline for about an hour and half you’ll land in a whole new paradise of Praia do Forte. It’s a haven for trendy restaurants and chic shops, but it also boasts a picture-worthy beachfront. Palm trees line the beaches, which may get a little crowded during the weekend but it is worth it. Enjoy a lazy stroll along the pedestrian walkway and the adorable little church you’ll see at the end. The surrounding area offers more to explore with the Sapiranga Ecological Reserve and its hiking trails through its 600 acres of protected rainforests offering the chance to see up close native species such as monkeys, anteaters, and local flora and fauna. You could even take a dip in the river Pojuca.

People enjoy a sunny day at Praia do Forte (Forte Beach) in Bahia, Brazil | © Filipe Frazao/Shutterstock

Morro de São Paulo

Looking for a secluded island getaway without the hassle of traveling there? Then hop from Salvador via catamaran or prop plane to Morrow de São Paulo. Located just south of the city on the Ilha de Tinharé in the Atlantic Ocean, this is the perfect place to relax and recharge from city life. This is a car-free village, so you had best be prepared to take everything slower. Head to the ruins of the Fortress of Tapirandu for an epic view of the ocean. Or just rest up at the beachfront restaurants with açai or a caipirinha, take a stand up paddle board out on the water and just enjoy the good life here.

Morro de São Paulo / | © Enlado Valadres / Wikimedia Commons


Continue your trip south to Itacaré in Bahia’s cocoa region. Twenty miles of beaches greet you at this relaxed surf town. Relish in the natural beauty here thanks not only to the gorgeous sands but also the untouched Atlantic rainforest. Surfers will love the consistent breaks here and advanced riders will want to come in the fall and winter months for the best swells. Itacaré is also working to reduce the carbon emissions of the area by implementing a Carbon Free Tourism Certification Plan, making it an eco-friendly getaway.

Itacare Bahia Brazil | ©Edmario Nogueira Santos/Shutterstock