The Best Seafood Restaurants on Ilha Santa Catarina, Brazil

Seafood galore
Seafood galore | © ShenXin / Pixabay
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20 April 2018

Whether you want to try freshwater fish directly from Lagoa da Conceição, or clams, oysters and shrimp from the ocean, there are a number of succulent seafood restaurants on Ilha Santa Catarina to keep you full, day after day and night after night.

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There’s something comforting about a seafood restaurant close to the beach, and you can’t get much closer to where your plate comes from, than Ostradamus. As the name implies, this is the place to come for oysters, and the building actually dips into the ocean. You can taste the freshness in each oyster as you dine, as they take their time through a lengthy process to ensure the highest quality of oysters served with impressive presentation.

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Rita Maria Langosteria

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About as central as you can get while still being on the water, Rita Maria Langosteria has a cool maritime vibe and decoration. They focus on delivering mouthwatering lobster, but don’t let that limit your choice from their tantalizing menu. For a classic progression through your meal, we suggest some oysters to start and to whet the palate, followed by juicy lobster, capped off with a rich chocolate dessert.

Restaurante Aladym

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Seafood cocktail | Seafood cocktail

North of Barra da Lagoa, you’ll find this spot with their homestyle approach to seafood that’s bound to fill you up. Restaurante Aladym also offer a more affordable dive into normally costly seafood – its’ a great place for groups, as they have terrific share platters to get a taste of everything from shrimp, marisco fried empanadas, and calamari.

Sabor da Costa

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You can trek through the jungle to Costa da Lagoa, and treat yourself to some terrific seafood, or just take the quaint boatride if your appetite is making the decisions – either way, you’ll be taking the boat for the ride home. Right on the lake, Sabor da Cosat keeps it simple and brings out the natural flavours of the fish they catch daily, so get the whole fish of the day, a caipirinha, and sit on their patio and enjoy the lake.

Rancho Acoriano

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Oyster gratin | Oyster gratin

Just over the bridge, on the other side of the island of Santa Catarina, Rancho Acoriano is a place to spend the whole night, drinking and eating with friends and family. Their covered outdoor wooden patio juts out into the water, providing a great atmosphere and breeze to enjoy your lake lunch of early dinner of skewered or butter and shrimp, parmesan or gratin oysters.

Rosso Restaurante

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Atmosphere, location, quality, and presentation make Rosso Restaurante the shining pearl in the equally enchanting town of Santo Antônio de Lisboa on the island’s northwest coast. On the water’s edge with the ocean lapping up next to your feet, Chef Alysson Muller has prepared possibly the most elegant and well-rounded seafood menu on the island, famous for the grilled octopus and lime crusted fish.

Canto do Mar

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Grilled salmon | Grilled salmon

This spot has amazing views, and offers an eclectic menu for all types of seafood lovers that isn’t just limited to shrimp and oyster. Eat your shrimp out of a pineapple, or try a unique take on salmon, drizzled in a mouthwatering passionfruit sauce. Canto do Mar is a special setting for a special occasion at night, as it has a very romantic feel after the sun has set.