The Best Nightlife Spots in Lagoa, Rio De Janeiro

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27 February 2018

If you’re looking for nightlife spots in Rio de Janeiro, then head to Lagoa, a natural lake in the South Zone of the city. Not only does its nightlife come with a mix of samba and Latin beats (especially reggaeton, South America’s ubiquitous rhythm) and great drink options, it also offers stunning views across the lake. Here are some of the top nightlife spots in Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro’s upscale neighborhood.

Palaphita Kitch

If your perfect nightlife spot includes outdoor drinking in a trendy, peaceful environment coupled with a gorgeous lakeside landscape, then Palaphita Kitch is made for you. The thatched roof of the bar is supported by sturdy bamboo shoots and the large, open walls provide easy-on-the-eye views and a cooling breeze. The caipirinhas are served with a twist as they use only seasonal fruits from the Amazon and are blended with quality cachaca to create this flawless Brazilian cocktail. It’s a picturesque spot open until late with great drinks and sublime food – just be prepared to dig a little deep when the bill comes.

Outdoor drinking at Palaphita Kitch | Palaphita Kitch

Palaphita Gavea

The sister venue of Palaphita Kitch, Palaphita Gavea is as lively as Kitch is tranquil. One of Rio de Janeiro’s favorite spots among exchange students as well as Brazilian students from nearby PUC university, Palaphita Gavea attracts a young, fun-loving crowd who go to enjoy Brazilian pop music mixed with either electronic or house beats. The venue itself is stunning – mostly outdoors with large, leafy plants lit up with green lights and a view across the lake makes it one of Rio de Janeiro’s prettiest nightlife spots.

Palaphita Gavea, Av. Bartolomeu Mitre, 1314, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 (21) 99982 9195


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The stunning interior of Sobe
The stunning interior of Sobe | Sobe
Located just a short walk away from the lake in the upscale Jardim Botanico neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Sobe is a rooftop bar and one of the most popular nightlife spots in the region. There are plenty of reasons why people love this place. First of all, the venue is stunning – with an open roof making way to a skyline of palm trees and whimsical interior decor, you’ll be charmed the minute you walk up the stairs and into the bar. Secondly, the cocktails are flawless and the food is delicious. Finally, the live band that plays until the wee hours of the morning sets the scene for a memorable night out.

Jockey Club

As the name suggests, the Jockey Club is Rio de Janeiro’s main location for horse racing, horse training, and other horse-related events. However, it’s also a venue for some of the city’s best nightlife events which include all-night parties with some of Brazil’s best DJs. Although open to everyone, the high entry fee plus the pricey drinks and food make the events mostly accessible for Rio’s elite, local expats, and travelers on a bigger budget. Yet as a one-off treat and for a night out where you can really dress up, Jockey Club is the place to go.

Jockey Club, Praça Santos Dumont, 31 – Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 (21) 3534 9000

Jack Daniel's Rock Bar

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Jack Daniel's Rock Bar, Brazil
Jack Daniel's Rock Bar, Brazil | Jack Daniel's Rock Bar
If you love rock and electronic music, Jack Daniel’s Rock Bar is for you. Spread across two floors overlooking the main stage in the middle of the first floor, this crowded nightclub really kicks off around 1 a.m. and although it officially closes at 6 a.m., hardcore party-goers usually end up leaving the club much later. The dress code is casual so feel free to rock up (excuse the pun) in your comfy shoes for a night of dancing and moshing. One major bonus point is the entrance is free, though the venue makes up for it with its high prices on drinks.


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Located a few blocks from Lagoa means that Belmonte doesn’t get the lakeside views, but what it does get is the tranquil and upscale atmosphere from neighboring Jardim Botanico. Belmonte is a laid-back bar with friendly service and an extensive menu for late night meals and snacks. If you want all-night dancing, Belmonte isn’t your spot; however, if you want deep conversations late into the night over cold, Brazilian beers and typical local snacks, you can’t pick a better place than this classic boteco (Brazilian bar).

Blue Note Rio

Nightclub, American, Brazilian, $$$
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Fancy a night of jazz in Rio de Janeiro? Then head to Blue Note Rio where the music is all about the classic American jazz. With its blue tables and low-lighting, it has a suitably moody and intimate atmosphere. The live music is raw and one-of-a-kind; it’s hard to find all jazz venues in Rio. This place fills the gap in the market and fills it well. It also offers good food and an extensive selection of drinks. Get there early – the venue opens at 6 p.m. most days – to ensure you get a good seat. Head to the tables right by the stage if you’re there just for the music, or opt for the seats at the back if you want good background music while still being able to chat with your companion.

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