The Best Luxury Hotels to Visit in Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis Magic | © jdbenthien / Pixabay
Florianopolis Magic | © jdbenthien / Pixabay
Photo of Will Lees
26 April 2018

Florianopolis known for its laid back, flip-flop, not-a-care-in-the-world vibe, also has some luxurious places for the higher end vacationer who wants to take in Floripa, but is interested in doing it in style. Here are the finest luxury hotels on offer.

Il Campanario Villagio Resort

Suite Hotel, Business Hotel
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A block back from the beach in Jurere, this hotel’s quaint, welcoming, homestyle cottage decor inside, is complemented by the large resort style pool outside that winds its way through the center of the property with enough sun chairs for everyone. If the weather goes south, as it can do in Florianopolis, they also have an indoor pool to enjoy, as well as a gym, games room, and even kids area for the young ones.

Novotel Florianopolis

Suite Hotel, Business Hotel, Hotel, Chain Hotel
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Novotel Rooftop View and Pool | © Mike Vondran / Flickr

A stone’s throw from the bustling center of Florianopolis on the north edge of the city, this tower of luxury looks over the ocean and provides the consistent, comfortable, peaceful luxury you come to expect from a recognized, quality hotel brand. What might surprise you however, is the rooftop pool that rides the edge of the building and being one of the higher buildings in the city, up here you can relax with the bustling streets well below you.

Palace Praia Hotel

Boutique Hotel, Business Hotel
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Around the point from Jurere, is the city of Canasvieiras located right on the beach and the Palace Praia Hotel is the top spot to stay on this northern part of the island. Everything revolves around the ocean in Florianopolis and this trend continues with the Palace as the pool hangs over the water’s edge, and many of the rooms, or even your jacuzzi, will provide a view of the coast. With a traditional Brazilian buffet breakfast included, life here is good.

Majestic Palace Hotel

Suite Hotel, Business Hotel
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3422539020_8de5b01a9b_b (1)
Majestic Palace View | © Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

The name really says it all, as this majestic hotel – just around the bend from the main center of Florianopolis – really is its own little palace which you can enjoy for as long as you like. The grand, elegant lobby is something you would expect from a powerhouse business hotel, and the construction is designed to make as much of the view of the coast as possible. From each room and the patio pool overlooking the city around the corner, the views are simply stunning.

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  • Hotel Boutique Quintas das Videiras

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
    Map View

    The laid back flip-flop vibe of Floripa is epitomized in the lakeside town just known as ‘Lagoa’ so it’s surprising to find this type of boutique luxury here, but Quintas da Videiras have delivered it. The interior is of an elegant manor style, with old style tiling, huge mahogany bed sets, a beautiful outdoor pool and courtyard and even an on site spa.

    Oceania Park Hotel

    Independent Hotel, Hotel
    Map View
    Hotel Comfort | © webandi / Pixabay

    Between touristy Barra da Lagoa, and the north tip of the island, is the lesser-known beach town of Ingleses, and here you can find a scattering of nice hotels, none more impressive than Ocean Park Hotel. The blue and white tower houses modern, comfortable accommodation, with a sizeable pool, and calm green area just two blocks from the ocean.

    Bistro e Guest House Isadora Duncan

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast
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    Never forget that luxury is not necessarily synonymous with big, grand and flashy, as perfectly illustrated by this humble, yet luxurious guest house south just north of Praia Mole. The flowing white curtains that separate the rooms, and keep out the relentless sun are a great addition to the already beautiful interior, which makes you feel at home instantly. This place is basically a house plucked right out of your dreams.