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<a href="" target="_blank">Art mural, Salvador, Bahia | © Serge Ouachée / Wikimedia Commons</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">Art mural, Salvador, Bahia | © Serge Ouachée / Wikimedia Commons</a>
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The Best Independent Art Galleries in Salvador

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Updated: 1 April 2017
Bahia’s coastal city of Salvador has a rich mix of cultures and is home to some of the best Afro-Brazilian traditions, including the art scene. Check out our top independent galleries to see in the city and get to know the best of Bahia art.
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Roberto Alban Galeria

The Roberto Alban Galeria has nearly 30 years of showcasing Bahia’s and Brazil’s modern artists. Their newest space opened in 2013 and now includes three floors of exhibition space, including an outdoor area for large sculptures. With solo and collective exhibitions, the gallery offers a variety of contemporary artists to display their work and travelers a chance to get a deep look into the Brazilian art scene.

Roberto Alban Galeria, Rua Senta Pua 53, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3243 3982

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Atelie Rebouças

This independent gallery space is home to the works of Salvador native Antonio Carlos Rebouças, an artist who describes himself as unafraid to experiment and reinvent himself every day. His paintings are a thoughtful explosion of color and often reveal his personal interests, especially his jazz series.

Atelie Rebouças, Alameda Carrara 222, Parque Julio César, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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L. Folgueira

Sao Paulo native and Salvador transplant L. Folgueira has been developing his artistry since five years old with self-taught techniques that led to an abstract style. Don’t miss his Orixás series, which depicts the African deities that correspond to the forces of nature.

L. Folgueira, Rua Maciel de Baixo 15, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 99195 5339

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Fabio Pena Cal Galeria

A staple of Salvador’s art scene, the Fabio Pena Cal Galeria showcases some of the best Brazilian artists, both old favorites and newcomer artists. With more than 16 years of experience in the business, the gallery keeps up to date on the latest trends and allows visitors to explore one of the best collections of the Brazilian contemporary art scene.

Fabio Pena Cal Galeria, Alameda das Espatódeas 479, Caminho das Árvores, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3272 4271