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Renting apartments | © StockSnap / Pixabay
Renting apartments | © StockSnap / Pixabay
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The Best Facebook Groups for Renting Apartments in Rio de Janeiro

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Updated: 28 September 2017
Most of the real estate websites in Rio de Janeiro demand a guarantor or a hefty deposit to rent an apartment and ask for at least a two-year commitment. If you’re looking for something more flexible or short-term, then Facebook groups are the easiest and more informal way of renting apartments in Rio. Here are some of the best Facebook groups to find your perfect rented space.

Alugar ou Dividir Aptos\Qtos no Rio de Janeiro

The Facebook group Alugar ou Dividir Aptos\Qtos no Rio de Janeiro (Rent or Share Apartments or Rooms in Rio de Janeiro) allows short-term rental offers (such as for New Year’s or Carnival), but the focus is on long-term with options of six months or more. The group has properties to rent all throughout the city and insists that each announcement includes all necessary details and price per month to help potential tenants make well-informed decisions about each post. With over 16,000 members, it is one of the most popular pages to find a place to rent in Rio.

Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro | © Pixabay
Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro | © Pixabay

Aluguel Apartamento – Rio de Janeiro

The group Aluguel Apartamento – Rio de Janeiro (Rental Apartment – Rio de Janeiro) has over 23,000 members and offers adverts for apartments and houses for rent all throughout Rio de Janeiro. There are several flexible listings that don’t require a deposit and options for both short-term and long-term rent. It’s a great place to look for budget short or mid-term options, especially for students or those looking for a house to share with others. Students should look for ‘repúblicas’ as this is the Portuguese term for shared student accommodation.

Aluguel de Apartamentos no Rio de Janeiro

Aluguel de Apartamentos no Rio de Janeiro (Apartments for Rent in Rio de Janeiro) has nearly 40,000 members, so it is a great resource for finding an apartment or house to rent. The page doesn’t allow adverts for rooms in shared houses, so all the properties are individual apartments or houses. The majority of the posts are for long-term stays, yet the balance changes towards the end of the year and beginning of the next as people post temporary lets for New Year’s and Carnival.

Rio de Janeiro | © Pixabay
Rio de Janeiro | © Pixabay

Aluguel Apartamento – Rio de Janeiro

The group Aluguel Apartamento – Rio de Janeiro may have the same name as the other group, but they are separate. This one has far more members with over 60,000 people actively using the page, which is only for individual apartments and houses; there are no rooms or shared accommodation options available. There are announcements for both long-term and temporary rental options, so it is a great place to check out whether you are living in Rio or just spending the holidays there.

Guanabara bay Rio de Janeiro | © Pixabay
Guanabara Bay Rio de Janeiro | © Pixabay

Foreigners in Rio de Janeiro

Foreigners in Rio de Janeiro is, as the name suggests, a group specifically for foreigners looking for advice or items to buy in Rio de Janeiro. People here post about jobs, classes, language schools, local news, and where to find home food comforts. Although not in abundance like the pages specifically created for renting, there are some apartments there to rent, especially ones in the south zone of the city and on a short-term basis.

Expats Living in Rio de Janeiro

Expats Living in Rio de Janeiro is another group that acts as a community for foreigners living in Rio de Janeiro on a long-term basis. Most of the listings are expats looking for specific recommendations on a wide variety of topics, but there are the occasional listings of apartments and houses for rent, especially shared spaces, short-term accommodation, and holiday places too.