The Best Boutique Hotels & Pousadas in Ilha Grande, Rio De Janeiro

Landscapes at Ilha Grande
Landscapes at Ilha Grande | ©Tatiana Lemos Guapé/WikiCommons
The fun-loving culture of Rio de Janeiro is contagious but if city life gets too much, simply head to the tropical retreat of Ilha Grande. Just off the coast of Rio, the island still preserves its natural surroundings with untouched beaches, lush hillsides and crystal clear waters. For a weekend in paradise, here are some of the best boutique hotels and pousadas in Ilha Grande.

Pousada Vila Pedra Mar, Rio de Janeiro

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
Vila Pedra Mar
Vila Pedra Mar | © Vila Pedra Mar

Located on the edge of Praia Vermelha beach, Vila Pedra Mar offers three bedrooms for guests looking for a personalized service. The warm color-theme creates a homely, calming atmosphere in the rooms while the four-poster bed decorated with white drapes adds a sophisticated touch. Sit on the balcony to enjoy ocean views or take one of the hotel’s boat trips to explore the rest of the island. Just be back for sunset as the view from the hotel is spectacular.

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Pousada Manacá, Ilha Grande

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
Scenery at Ilha Grande
Scenery at Ilha Grande | ©Valdiney Pimenta/WikiCommons

Pousada Manaca is a beachside bed and breakfast located within a peaceful and relaxing setting. The white walls with terracotta-colored window frames blend into the natural surroundings and vines wrap around the building’s infrastructure, adding to the outdoor feel. The simple rooms combine pastel shades with tailored dark wooden furnishings to give a clean, homely look. The hammock on the balcony offers a spot for a pleasant mid-morning nap after a filling breakfast on the open-air terrace.

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Pousada Naturalia, Rio de Janeiro

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
Landscapes at Ilha Grande
Landscapes at Ilha Grande | ©Tatiana Lemos Guapé/WikiCommons

Clinging to Ilha Grande’s hillside, the Pousada Naturalia offers calm, sea views while remaining close enough to the hub of Vila do Abraão, with its wide selection of restaurants and bars. The rooms are designed with warm, rustic colors and each one leads out onto a balcony with a hammock. The nature-inspired boutique has a dining area that blends the forest outdoors with the indoors, complete with open walls, wooden decking and lush plants.

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Pousada D´Pillel, Rio de Janeiro

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
Pousada D'Pillel
Pousada D'Pillel | © Pousada D'Pillel

The cottage-like feel of Pousada D’Pillel provides a charming place to stay in Ilha Grande. The inside has a tropical-farmhouse look with exposed brickwork, wooden floors and plants dotted throughout. The breakfast comes buffet-style with a large selection of fresh fruits, ham and cheeses, fresh bread and several varieties of fruit juices and teas. The ample outdoor area with thatch-roof huts allows you to take a break from the fierce sun and enjoy the peaceful, natural surroundings.

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Aratinga, Rio de Janeiro

Boutique Hotel, Inn, Hotel
Aratinga Inn
Aratinga Inn | © Arantinga

Aratinga Inn provides a true island retreat away from the rush of the central hub of restaurants and bars, yet still close enough to enjoy lively nights out. The textured rooms combine pastel-shades on the walls and aging furniture to create a rustic, homely feel. The well-appointed guest lounge is made with wooden panels and set by low lighting, adding to its relaxing and tranquil vibe. It’s a perfect spot to spend a peaceful afternoon swinging in a hammock while listening to the gentle trickle of the garden’s fountain.

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Pousada Lagamar, Ilha Grande

The view from Pousada Lagamar
The view from Pousada Lagamar | © Pousada Lagamar

Located in the middle of the forest, guests may just find themselves accompanied by small monkeys, exotic birds and colorful butterflies while staying at the Pousada Lagamar. The simple design and earth tones of the rooms create an eco-lodge feel with broad palms framing the sea views from the balcony. Breakfast is served outside on a large, open-air terrace to give guests a hearty start to the day, while the sounds of nature create a peaceful dining experience.

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Atlantica Jungle Lodge, Rio de Janeiro

Boutique Hotel, Lodge
Atlantic Jungle Lodge
Atlantic Jungle Lodge | © Atlantic Jungle Lodge

With a large wooden terrace edged by rope railings among Ilha Grande’s dense forest, the Atlantica Jungle Lodge gives the impression of a treetop getaway retreat. The ample dining area is decked in wood and the large glass windows look over the canopies towards the ocean, bringing the outside in. The farmhouse-style rooms have wooden ceilings and rustic furniture, giving a light and breezy feel. Spend some time on the balcony that overlooks untouched coastline and forest-lined hills.

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