The Best Beach Bars In Fortaleza, Brazil

Praia do Futuruo| Jorge Andrade/Wikicommons
Praia do Futuruo| Jorge Andrade/Wikicommons
Photo of Alana Tabak
9 February 2017

Famous for its gorgeous beaches and long sunny days, Fortaleza is a popular destination for warm stays on Brazil’s coastline. Fortaleza’s beaches are distinct from others due to their red cliffs, sand dunes and lagoons. When visitors are not taking a dip in Fortaleza’s cool waters or partaking in one of the many popular watersports, they are enjoying a refreshing Brazilian beer or a sweet Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. Here’s a list of the finest spots to do just that.

Praia do Futuruo | Jorge Andrade/Wikicommons


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Located on Praia do Futuro I, Crocobeach is much more than just a bar. At Crocobeach, guests are able to enjoy daily local events such as live comedy shows and musical acts. Situated in a large complex under awnings made of dried palm leaves, Crocobeach boasts bountiful seating and tables, a bar and restaurant, hammocks and even a swimming pool. The grounds are lush, green, and lined with coconut laden palm trees. Crocobeach is the ideal location to enjoy Fortaleza’s natural beauty and classic Brazilian cocktails all day.

Barraca G2

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Barraca G2 is a causal beach bar on Fortaleza’s Praia Mucuripe. Known for their inexpensive beers, coconut waters, and Caipirinhas, Barraca G2 is the ideal location to stop for a quick refreshment. Or, stay a little longer, share some drinks with friends, and enjoy one of Fortzaleza’s gorgeous sunsets. The bar’s ambiance is extremely laid-back, so there’s no need to dress up, guests can enjoy Barraca G2 in their swimwear and flip-flops.

Arpão Praia Bar

Bar, Seafood
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On Praia do Futuro II, Arpão Praia Bar has been serving local beachgoers since 1989. The bar is well known for both drinks and delectable crab dishes (which visitors rave about) coming doused in a coconut milk sauce. Order the crab and pair it with their special cocktail, a kiwi caipiroska made of vodka, sugar and lime. Guests who really want the bar’s true experience should make sure to order the kiwi caiprioska with sake though, there’s just an added extra punch!

Cuca Legal

Cuca Legal is a large family complex on Praia Furturo II. Cuca Legal is the ideal location for travelers with children. Complete with a play structure for children and beach life gaurds, parents can rest assured that the whole family can have fun and stay safe at Cuca Legal. For the adults, Cuca Legal boasts a large beer, wine and cocktail menu, so enjoy a drink with their seafood plate of the day while gazing out at the beach’s beautiful blue waters.

Cuca Legal, Avenida Zezé Diogo, 3005, Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 3265-1648

Boteco Praia

Boteco Praia is established in a quaint, light blue beach home on the sands of Praia de Iracema. Inside the house, guests can eat one of Boteca Praia’s many classic Brazilian dishes, or snack down in the dining room. Don’t miss the pan-fried shrimp and pair it with a pint of local Brazilian beer. Or, guests can sit outside on the patio in order to enjoy sweeping views of the beach and the sea.

Boteco Praia, Av. Beira Mar, 1680 – Meireles, Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 3248-4773