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Bright watercolours |© Paul Rommer/Shutterstock
Bright watercolours |© Paul Rommer/Shutterstock
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Spotlight Paul Rommer: These Vibrant Illustrations Capture the Beauty of Rio de Janeiro

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Updated: 21 February 2017
Paul Rommer is an artist based in Spain, specialising in freelance photography and graphic design. His vibrant, watercolour prints of city skylines from around the world have become his signature style, capturing the key landmarks of each metropolis, recreating them in bright colours on white canvas.

Rommer has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years since graduating from the CEV Madrid and the Art School of Huelva. He is instinctively drawn to the traditional photographic process in black and white; a stark contrast to his striking bold choice of colours in his paintings. His prints include cities from Asia to Europe, United States to South America, mixing watercolour prints with solid, bold graphic images of each city. His extraordinary artwork of Rio de Janeiro portrays a complex culture, alive with movement and colour. His work is available to buy from Etsy.

The colours of this incredible watercolour perfectly capture the vibrancy, the movement and the colours of Rio de Janeiro.

Bright watercolours |© Paul Rommer/Shutterstock
Bright watercolours | © Paul Rommer/Shutterstock

This beautiful orange skyline is like a snapshot of Rio at sunset.

Rio's skyline in orange |© Paul Rommer/Etsy
Rio’s skyline in orange | © Paul Rommer/Etsy

Rommer also creates striking graphic designs that stand out for their powerful simplicity.

Simple skyline |© Paul Rommer/Shutterstock
Simple skyline | © Paul Rommer/Shutterstock

The skyline includes Rio’s most iconic landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and Maracana football stadium.

Rio in purple |© Paul Rommer/Etsy
Rio in purple | © Paul Rommer/Etsy

In addition to Rio de Janeiro, Rommer’s other designs of cities around the world are sensational. To see the whole collection, check out his portfolio on the paulrommer Shutterstock page.