Best Neighborhoods in São Paulo for Millennials

Millennials | © State Farm/Flickr
Millennials | © State Farm/Flickr
Photo of Lise Alves
6 March 2017

São Paulo is the largest city in Latin America and people from all over the country come to here to work and study. Considered the financial, business, and cultural center of Brazil, the millennial generation has flocked into the city to make their mark and strive. But with a place as big and diverse as São Paulo, choosing the right area to live can often be hard and a source of stress. We have chosen eight neighborhoods where millennials will feel right at home in São Paulo.

Jardim Paulista

The ease of transportation and presence of brand-name clothing stores attracts millennials to the Jardim Paulista neighborhood. Many of this generation have chosen to not own cars, and instead move around by public transportation or bicycles, so being near work and services is crucial. The major international clothing labels also have stores in this neighborhood, which is just a few blocks away from Avenida Paulista. The neighborhood also hosts a number of cafés and restaurants, and although the area usually registers heavy traffic day and night, millennials like the energy of the area.

Jardim Paulista Neighborhood in São Paulo | © Maxpana3/ Wikimedia CC

Bela Vista

Avenida Paulista divides the neighborhoods of Jardim Paulista and Bela Vista. With the same ease in public transportation as the adjacent neighborhood, this is also a highly sought after area to live. The neighborhood offers some of the best cultural options of the city, with museums, such as MASP, cultural centers, Casa das Rosas, theaters, cinemas and shopping malls.

MASP in Bela Vista neighborhood, São Paulo © The Photographer/ Wikimedia, CC

MASP in Bela Vista neighborhood, São Paulo | © The Photographer/Wikimedia, CC

Itaim Bibi

One of the more upscale neighborhoods of the city, Itaim Bibi, caters to those young professionals who are single or recently married. And if the price of living in the neighborhood may deter some, others choose Itaim Bibi because of its location, nearby parks, as well as the financial district. Its late night food options are also a plus, because after a night out there’s nothing better than grabbing a bite at one of the all-night diners found in the neighborhood.

Late night snack at Itaim Bibi neighborhood | © LWYang/Flickr

Vila Nova Conceicão

For some, daytime entertainment is more important than bars and late-night clubs. The Vila Nova Conceição neighborhood borders the Ibirapuera park and is highly regarded by some sport-oriented, outdoorsy millennials as the best place to live in São Paulo. Although there are no metro stops in the area and public transportation is not as abundant as in other parts of the city, the neighborhood has many bus routes, and taxis are easily available.

Parque Ibirapuera in São Paulo © Ben Tavener/Flickr

Parque Ibirapuera in São Paulo | © Ben Tavener/Flickr


The Consolação neighborhood is rated among the best neighborhoods for millennials because of its proximity to Avenida Paulista, museums, theaters and the bustling alternative nightlife of Baixo Augusta. Most residents live a couple of blocks from where they work and often make the bicycle their main means of transportation. The neighborhood has a variety of single or two bedroom apartments for couples just starting out, or friends sharing a living space. The area also holds some of the best bars and nightclubs in the city.

Z Carniceria bar in Consolação neighborhood © Z Carniceria

Z Carniceria bar in Consolação neighborhood | © Z Carniceria

Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena’s attraction is definitely its nightlife. Many relish the idea of walking only a short distance to get home after a night of fun, and don’t mind the hilly terrain of the neighborhood. During the daytime, the neighborhood also hosts a wide variety of art galleries, trendy shops and small cafés, which are usually packed with millennials for weekend breakfasts and brunches.

Vila Madalena | © Larissa Silva


After years of neglect, the center of São Paulo has become one of the favorite residential areas for those just starting out their professional lives. Apartments are usually smaller, cheaper, and the majority with no garages, which is fine with millennials who tend to favor public transportation and bicycles. In addition, the downtown area where the República neighborhood is located also has some of the best alternative nightclubs in the city, trendy thrift stores and open-air malls.

Republica neighborhood | © Diego Torres Silvestre/Flickr


With their busy lifestyle, many millennials do not want to waste time in the kitchen, so restaurants of all prices are essential. Pinheiros not only has a variety of restaurants that cater to every budget and taste, but also neighborhood supermarkets and gourmet shops to buy essentials for the home. Near the commercial area around Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, residents here often walk to work.

A Quitanda is a popular gourmet supermarket in Pinheiros | © Quitanda