Best Bars With Live Music In Salvador

Live music © Pexels
Live music © Pexels
Music and a sense of rhythm pretty much runs in the blood of most Brazilians, but in Salvador the local musicians take it up a notch. Discover our top bars for getting your groove on, whether that’s with Brazilian samba, Latin jazz and many genres in between.

Commons Studio Bar

Set in the hip neighborhood of Rio Vermelho in Salvador, Commons Studio Bar has a rustic, casual ambiance but packs some high quality sound equipment into the bar. The bar features local artists and offers some community programs and workshops that are worth checking out during the day time. Sign up for their Lista Amiga, or insider list, online to get the best deals and make your reservations.

Commons Studio Bar, R. Odilon Santos, 224 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3022 5620

Commons Studio Bar / © Natalia Reis

Commons Studio Bar © Natalia Reis

Além do Cais

Enter in Além do Cais and you just might forget you’re in Brazil. This restaurant and lounge has exposed brick interiors and a distinctly European vibe, along with a small stage for live music artists to play while you enjoy dinner and drinks in this unique place. Check out their Facebook page to see what’s on, whether it’s Brazilian popular music (MBP), samba or Latin jazz.

Além do Cais, Rua Direita de Santo Antonio, 97 – Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3497 5578

São Jorge Botequim

This locals’ bar is casual, friendly, and full of life. Bustling on the weeknights and weekends, São Jorge Botequim is a place to hear live local music and get a feel for the city’s love affair with samba. Enjoy the ocean breeze and a caipirinha with kiwi for a twist on the classic Brazilian cocktail.

São Jorge Botequim, Rua Borges dos Réis 16, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3334 8181

Botequim São Jorge / © Batifun

Botequim São Jorge © Batifun


On any given night of the week, Cubanakan has live music playing and is a party waiting to happen. This bar and restaurant has a variety of artists playing in the evenings, including Salvador’s famous samba music. While there try the regional Bahian cuisine, like the traditional moqueca fish stew. Don’t forget to test out their dance floor and mingle with the locals.

Cubanakan , Avenida Otávio Mangabeira, 3185 – Jardim de Alah, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3342 6354


Jazz fans should head to Solar in Rio Vermelho to see some of Salvador’s best jazz artists. The cool, casual vibe of this restaurant and bar is the perfect place to settle in for traditional Bahian dishes with a modern twist and creative cocktails.

Solar, R. da Fonte do Boi, 24 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, +55 71 3012 9360

Solar / © Noemi Flores

Solar © Noemi Flores

Bar O Cravinho

For samba lovers there’s no better place to be than Bar O Cravinho, where the samba is as authentic as it gets. Better yet, the bar has tons of Brazil’s national liquor, cachaça, to try. Grab a friend and a drink and experience nightlife just like a local in Bar O Cravinho.

Bar O Cravinho, Largo Terreiro de Jesus, 03 – Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil +55 (71) 3322 6759