An Adventure Traveler's Guide to Bahia

Morrão - Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina | © Jeilsonandrade / WikiCommons
Morrão - Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina | © Jeilsonandrade / WikiCommons
Photo of Georganne Hassell
18 March 2017

Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia is an adventure traveler’s paradise, thanks to an extraordinary national park, plenty of trails to try, and, of course, miles of coastline to explore. Check out Culture Trip’s traveler’s guide to discover the adventurous side of Bahia.

Hike in Chapada Diamantina

The stunning Chapada Diamantina is well worth the visit to Bahia’s interior. The national park‘s maze of trails runs through valleys and over mountain plateaus, into caves and through waterfalls. Travelers can hike through some of Brazil’s most beautiful and diverse territory here. Single-day and multi-day treks are available to suit every type of adventurer.

Chapada Diamantina, Av Barão do Rio Branco, 80 – Centro, Palmeiras Bahia, Brazil, +55 75 3332-2310

Surf in Itacaré

For those looking to catch a wave, there’s no better place to do so than in Itacaré. Consistent swells and the classic surf vibe make this Brazilian beach town an essential stop for surf enthusiasts. Heading here in the winter months ensures that you’ll see the best swells, but Itacaré is worth visiting year-round.

Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil

Snorkel in Morro de São Paulo

An island paradise not far from Salvador, Morro de São Paulo is often sought out as a place to relax and recharge. But for more adventurous types, there are still plenty of activities to try, like snorkeling. Enjoy turquoise waters and an abundance of marine life at Morro de São Paulo. Beach hop around the area to find your favorite snorkeling spot.

Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil

Raft in Rio Pojuca

Aside from the gorgeous beaches in Bahia, there are plenty of places to enjoy water sports in Bahia’s rivers. Rio Pojuca is one that offers rafting opportunities and a chance to see a Brazilian fish reserve where fishermen still use traditional catch techniques, making this location a cultural and adventure-filled opportunity. Go with an agency to make sure you have the right gear, including safety equipment.

Rio Pojuca, Bahia, Brazil