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Urban scene | Pixabay
Urban scene | Pixabay
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A Brief Introduction to Homegrown Gallery in Ipanema

Picture of Sarah Brown
Updated: 20 February 2017
At first glance, it isn’t clear exactly what Homegrown Gallery may be. Yet its crisp décor serving as a clean backdrop for quirky fashion items and artwork will surely entice any passersby. The more you wander around, the more the concept neatly unfolds and soon enough its unique mix of clothes, street art illustrations, books and gallery space will captivate and keep you there.

Located on Rua Maria Quiteria – one of Ipanema’s fanciest streets for top fashion and upscale eateries – Homegrown Gallery modestly occupies its spot, blending into the surroundings rather than loudly announcing its presence. It’s this unpretentious charm that is felt throughout in Homegrown’s spirited, giddy blend of clothing store, art gallery and independent music store.

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Since its inception in 2005, Homegrown has supported street and urban artists with various exhibitions within its store, hosting exhibitions of graffiti, street art, illustrations, photography, designers and tattoo artists. Known for presenting works of Rio’s freshest up-and-coming urban artists, Homegrown has recently made space for international artists’ exhibitions as its significance on the urban art scene becomes increasingly known further afield.

At the core of Homegrown’s concept is a desire to provide space for people who are interested in the urban, alternative scene. The clothes there are worlds apart from the usual fashion trends in Rio which are built around the beach, hot climate and tropical colours. At Homegrown, fashion items include limited edition trainers, imported t-shirts and clothes that wouldn’t look out of place at an indie music concert or a skate park. In addition to clothes, it also sells canvases and prints of street art from local and international artists, and street art and art magazines and books.

The rear of the store opens up as a creative space for art exhibits. These exhibitions are held sporadically throughout the year and are often advertised on Homegrown’s Facebook page just a few days before the event. Past events include an exhibition of Marcio SWK, a graffiti artist whose work has been displayed internationally; his prints have been been used by large companies such as Nike, Nestle and Ray Ban. Other events have showcased impressive skate photography and promoted tattoo artists with on-site tattoo designs.

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One of the most exciting events that Homegrown is responsible for is the Arte Core, an annual festival that reunites street art, graffiti, skateboarding and alternative music, embracing the creativity and innovation of Homegrown’s essence. The event, which will be in its fifth edition this October, lasts for two days and provides a platform for Rio’s most talented urban artists and skateboarders.

Homegrown Gallery, R. Maria Quitéria, 68 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro +55 (21) 2513 2160