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On The Road Again | © Lernestorod / Pixabay
On The Road Again | © Lernestorod / Pixabay

9 Things You'll Only Understand If You're a True Traveller

Picture of Will Lees
Updated: 25 April 2018
There is a frightening moment after a certain amount of time on the road, especially when travelling solo, when you start to talk to yourself, and even more frighteningly, answer your own questions. You start to develop certain habits, specific routines and tendencies. If you relate to these 9 commonalities, then you are most likely, a bonafide vagabond.

You’re constructively critical

To be clear, this does not mean you become negative, it means you do critical comparisons between places, whether subconsciously or otherwise. Deep down, all travellers love being on the move and are always trying to find the perfect place, and the more places you visit, the more you understand yourself, your likes and dislikes, and what fits your view of paradise.

You love yourself, but not in that way!

On the tourist trail, or even the most remote places, you are thrust into situations where you are amongst other travellers, vacations, and in general, plenty of human beings. Engaging with locals, and sharing stories with other travellers is one of the highlights of travelling, but when you do get some genuine me, myself and I time, you connect with yourself on another level and boy, does it feel good.