25 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want to Go to Rio De Janeiro's Carnival Right Now

Photo of Sarah Brown
8 November 2017

In February, Rio’s streets come to life with dazzling samba performances, non-stop music, and seemingly endless days of drinking, kissing and partying. Carnival is an annual event that encapsulates the spirit of Brazilian culture and music, making it one of the world’s most widely known festivals. From heaving street parties under the relentless sun to jaw-dropping parades with bikini-clad Carnival queens, these photos will leave you itching to check out Rio’s spectacular event.

The incredible detail in the make-up and costume of this samba dancer at the parades.

Carnival parades | © Gabriel Santos | Riotur

The striking pose of this dancer at Rio’s parades.

Dance from the Beija-flor samba school | © Gabriel Santos/Riotur

The samba schools spend months preparing for this moment of parading down the avenue in front of thousands of spectators. The effort they put into designing and creating unforgettable floats is impressive.

The samba school parading | © Fernando Grilli | Riotur

This incredible costume and these amazing details.

The costumes at the parades | © Tata Barreto | Riotur

The decorations on this float at the parades.

The decorations on the floats | © Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

This incredible Carnival outfit.

Carnival dancer | © Tata Barreto | Riotur

This happy dancer at the Sambodromo, the main venue for the Carnival parades in Rio.

Dancer at the Sambodromo | © Fernando Grilli | Riotur

Even children get involved in the Carnival parades.

Children at Carnival | © Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

The costumes at the parades never fail to impress.

Amazing costumes | © Tata Barreto | Riotur

This sequence of dazzling dancers as they parade through thousands of spectators lining either side of the avenue.

The Carnival parades | © Gabriel Santos | Riotur

It’s not just the parades that come to life during the Carnival – the streets do too.

The street parties, also known as blocos | © Visit.Rio | Riotur

This street party is in Centro and has tens of thousands of participants.

Street party in Centro, Rio | © Visit.Rio | Riotur

It’s not just at the parades where people get dressed up. At the street parties, both men and women wear dazzling accessories or fancy dress.

Fancy dress in the street parties | © Fernando Maia | Riotur

Yet there’s no denying the parades give the most spectacular performance when it comes to imagery.

An amazing performance from the samba schools | © Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

This show-stopping costume and headpiece.

Carnival dancer | © Gabriel Santos | Riotur

This stunningly detailed costume.

Gorgeously intricate costume | © Raphael David | Riotur

When stationary becomes the theme of fancy dress.

Colourful fancy dress | © Raphael David | Riotur

The dancers on the floats with bucketloads of glitter and confetti.

On the parade floats | © Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

This samba dancer and her breathtaking costume.

At the parades | © Gabriel Santos | Riotur

The view over the avenue where the samba schools parade.

The avenue with the parades | © Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

This dragon decoration on this Carnival float.

Dragon-themed float | © Gabriel Santos | Riotur

This costume-clad dancer shows the joy and happiness Carnival brings to Rio.

Carnival dancer | © Gabriel Santos | Riotur

This leap of faith at the parades.

Leap of faith | © Tata Barreto | Riotur

This dramatic image from the parades.

Dramatic dancing at the parades | © Raphael David | Riotur

Carnival is one of the most colorful, vibrant and lively festivals in the world.

The grand performance at the parades | © Marco Antônio Cavalcanti | Riotur

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