11 Instagram Accounts to Follow Before You Visit Rio de Janeiro

Stunning views from Rio de Janeiro
Stunning views from Rio de Janeiro | © brocoliz / Pixabay
Photo of Sarah Brown
11 April 2018

It’s not just Rio de Janeiro’s landscapes that make the city so photogenic (although they certainly help), but the city’s unique culture that woos the imaginations of photographers who attempt to capture its many quirks—the annual Carnival celebrations, the hypnotic beat of samba, the ethnic mix of people—in a single snapshot. To get a colorful peek into life in Rio de Janeiro, make sure you follow these Instagram accounts.


For stunning photos of Rio de Janeiro’s landscapes, snaps of adorable dogs with iconic Rio landmarks in the background, and plenty of sunsets, check out Carioquissimo. An added bonus of following this account is that you will be kept up-to-date on the Carioquissimo events held around Rio to enjoy gourmet gastronomy, boutique fashion lines, and artisanal beers.

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The name says it all—this account is dedicated to capturing the perfect image of the sunsets in Rio de Janeiro from the city’s best viewpoints. If you love sunsets, especially in picturesque settings, then you will love Riosunset.

▪️ Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas , ✔️#riosunset , 🔹 foto @ighelal .

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Renatapedrosa is run by Renata Pedrosa, who beautifully captures life in Rio and, occasionally, in other parts of Brazil through a picture-perfect soft-filter lens. The result? A gorgeous feed that combines gorgeous landscapes with the social side of Rio, including images of Carnival that show the typical costumes and the wild street parties.

amanheceu 2018 ✨

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RioXtreme Adventure Travel

For nature lovers and those that love an adrenaline kick, Rio de Janeiro has plenty to offer, from long hikes and diving to mountain climbing, paragliding, and slack-lining. For adventure inspiration, RioXtreme Adventure Travel’s feed is full of outdoor activities set against stunning backdrops.


Most people are familiar with Rio de Janeiro the city, but did you know that Rio de Janeiro is a state as well? The entire region has so much to offer, from colonial towns and rocky mountain ranges with occasionally snow-capped peaks to beachside resorts and cachaça distilleries. To discover more about just how scenic and varied the state of Rio de Janeiro can be, check out Riointerior, a page dedicated to places outside of the city.


The official Instagram account of the tourism board of Rio de Janeiro, Riotur.Rio is full of breathtaking photos that show just how beautiful Rio de Janeiro can be. They regularly post content so you can check out the Carnival pictures as well as local events and promotions through the page.


Rioetc shows Rio de Janeiro through an artistic lens with photos of people, contemporary fashion, and quirky shots that portray the city from a new, creative angle. The result is a collection of carefully curated and beautiful images that underscore Rio’s artistic side.


If you love surfing and are heading to Rio de Janeiro, discover the best beaches to surf at through Riosurfcheck. This Instagram page is full of videos of waves around Rio so you can see what to expect where and check out images of surfers trying out advanced, tricky maneuvers.

Prainha hj….dia lindo !!! 📷🌊 @equipetopfoto

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The Instagram account Caopanheirolabra follows Cecilia Canetti, a Brazilian water polo player, and her adorable labradors on their water adventures in Rio de Janeiro. The page is full of photos of her and her dogs enjoying life in the city and doing what they love most—playing in the water.

Alegria estampada na cara da Mika! Fto @sylviamarquesfotografia

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Vejario is like the visual Bible of Rio de Janeiro’s culture and gastronomy. The Instagram page is full of stunning landscape shots as well as interesting figures around the city—artists, actors, and musicians—and food photos that provide great suggestions on places to eat.


For colorful images of Rio de Janeiro’s landscapes, check out 021Rio. The page shows Rio’s tourist spots from new angles as well as images from off-the-beaten-path spots. It’s also a great page to follow if you want to stay in-the-know about shows and events in the city.