10 Trendy Fashion Bloggers from São Paulo to Follow

Fashion bloggers © Kris Krug/Wikimedia CC
Fashion bloggers © Kris Krug/Wikimedia CC
Brazilian fashion designers have made it big outside the country, and fashion blogs have become a profitable business for countless bloggers who keep up with the latest trends and tendencies. Many of those bloggers are from, or live in South America’s largest city, São Paulo. Here are 10 of the trendiest fashion bloggers in São Paulo you should check out.

Bruna Vieira

Bruna Vieira admits she was a shy teenager who turned to writing to overcome her insecurities. Her blog, Depois dos Quinze (Beyond 15), became such a hit that she was hired as a columnist for one of Brazil’s largest teenage magazines, Capricho. Today, at 22, she writes about fashion as well as music and travel and her Instagram page has more than two million followers.

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Helena Lunardelli

Plastic-artist-turned-fashion-blogger, Helena Lunardelli today is asked by local and international media her opinion on the latest São Paulo fashion week collections. Her blog, DoJeitoH, gives advice on makeup, fashion and also has well-being tips.

Anna Fasano

As the daughter of famous restaurateur and hotel owner Rogerio Fasano, Anna Fasano says she has always been attracted to gastronomy and fashion. Dedicated to writing in her blog about the latest fashion trends and interesting things she sees on her travels, Fasano has made a name in the digital world as one of the trendiest fashion bloggers today in Brazil.

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Lala Noleto

Another blogger hitting it big with fashion and fitness tips in São Paulo and Brazil is Lala Noleto. The 30-something blogger started to get noticed when she wrote about celebrities for a Brazilian fashion/celebrity magazine, Contigo. Today she writes about fashion and fitness for her own very popular website and has her own line of fitness clothing.

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Helena Bordon

Helena Bordon has been surrounded by fashion most of her life. Her mother, Donata Meirelles is the style director of Vogue Brasil and for many years helped administer fashion empire Daslu in São Paulo. Today Bordon has one of the most successful fashion websites in the country and opened a physical store in São Paulo where she features her sunglasses collection.

Lia Camargo

Owner of one of the most popular fashion blogs in Brazil, Lia Camargo attracts her followers to her Just Lia website by writing about fashion, beauty and a special section just about Disney products. In the section “4 ways to use it” Lia picks out an accessory and shows admirers completely new looks with the same item. Now with a baby son, Lia has also dedicated some of her blog to baby clothes and accessories.

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Nati Vozza

Nati Vozza’s Glam4You website is accessed millions of times every month, making Vozza so popular that she launched her own YouTube channel and a fitness clothing collection. Her blog has tips on travel, clothing and accessories, as well as beauty makeovers.

Mariah Bernardes Maia

Launched in 2007, the blog BlogdaMariah is filled with tips on makeup, fashion, and travel, and is currently one of the most influential in Brazil. There is even a DIY section where Mariah shows followers everything from making pizza from scratch to the latest hair braid or how to wear a pashmina.

Julia Petit

Former jewelry designer Julia Petit has seen in just 10 years her website called Petiscos – where she publishes weekly videos on fashion, beauty, music, art and travel – become one of the country’s most visited women’s sites, with over 10 million monthly visits. Although an accomplished musical producer, Petit’s website, which today has nine columnists, including Julia, is what has put Petit among Brazil’s top digital influencers.

Laura Kassab

Born and raised in São Paulo, 26-year-old Laura Kassab, is quickly becoming a fashion reference in Brazil. Having worked in some of the most prestigious clothing boutiques in the city, Kassab uses her blog, Laura K, to give followers tips on beauty, gastronomy, trends and fashion.