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Movil Rojo | courtesy ArtRio
Movil Rojo | courtesy ArtRio
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10 Things You Must See At ArtRio 2016, Rio De Janeiro

Picture of Sarah Brown
Updated: 22 September 2016
As the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics and now preparing for the upcoming ArtRio 2016, Rio de Janeiro has had a large share of cultural activities this year. ArtRio 2016 will begin from September 29 until October 2 in Rio’s city centre with a preview scheduled for September 28. This event is one of the most important exhibitions on the global art scene, simultaneously showcasing the works of established masters and new artists to provide both a classical and fresh experience. Across five warehouses, with more than 2,000 artists and over 100 galleries, the exhibition uncovers both Brazilian art and international pieces, giving a side by side comparison of local and global art.

The site is divided into two themed programs. The Panorama program is a collection of renowned national and international galleries of modern and contemporary art. On the other hand, Vista focuses on emerging contemporary art with fresh, new galleries and experimental projects and pieces. There is also the 4th edition of Interventions where the works of 13 artists is spread out through the gardens at the Museu da Republic. This outdoors sculpture exhibition shows how art interacts with the local scenario and invites visitors to rediscover these impressive gardens. With new galleries, talks about the art world on a global scale, and a chance to see some of the best and newest artists in the world, this event is truly unmissable. We explore 10 artists and works of art you have to see at ArtRio2016.

Jose Pedro Costigliolo

Artist Jose Pedro Costigliolo is renowned for his geometric compositions, characterized by their simple yet striking designs. His piece Composicion Con Forma Negra from Galeria Sur, an art gallery in Montevideo, Uruguay will be on display in the Panorama exhibit.

Composición con forma negra
Composición con forma negra | courtesy ArtRio

Rochelle Costi

Brazilian artist Rochelle Costi presents the photo exhibition Contabiliadade, which explores popular items on market stalls in Guatemala city, representing the traditional culture there whilst touching upon local economy and its interaction with tourists on a global scale. Her work is usually displayed at the Anita Schwartz gallery in Rio de Janeiro, and will be exhibited at the Panorama area at ArtRio.

Contabilidade – Mercado Central
Contabilidade – Mercado Central | courtesy ArtRio

Andy Warhol

One of the leading artists in the visual art movement known as pop art, Andy Warhol‘s work will feature in the Panorama exhibit with Donal Judd, usually exhibited in Rudolf Budja Gallery in Miami. The compelling image was created with acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas.

Donald Judd by Andy Warhol
Donald Judd by Andy Warhol | courtesy RioArt

Fernando Botero

Colombian artist Fernando Botero is known for his signature style of images of people, animals and objects painted in a large, exaggerated size. He is one of the most recognized and quoted living artists in Latin America. His piece El Picador will be on display in the Panorama exhibit.

El Picador by Fernando Botero
El Picador by Fernando Botero | courtesy ArtRio

Chris Ofili

English Turner Prize winning painter Chris Ofili is best known for his remarkable paintings that often incorporate elephant dung. His work is usually built up in layers of paint, resin, dung, glitter and other materials to create dramatic and enthralling collages. His oil on linen masterpiece, Frogs in the Shade – Echoes of Gray, will be exhibited in the Panorama program.

Frogs in the Shade – Echoes of Gray
Frogs in the Shade – Echoes of Gray | courtesy ArtRio

Julio Le Parc

Argentinean artist Julio Le Parc is a significant figure in the Argentinean modern art scene. His artistic focus is on modern op art and kinetic art. Simple yet captivating, his piece Movil Rojo will be on display at the Panorama exhibit.

Movil Rojo
Movil Rojo | courtesy ArtRio

Daniel Hourdé

Daniel Hourdé is celebrated for his technique of capturing the human anatomy in careful detail in his incredible bronze sculptures, and for his ability to envisage movement in his works, as if it were a snapshot of motion trapped in time. His sculpture, Na Boca do Lobo, is simultaneously captivating and eerie, with the ripples of muscles and bones of the human form showing formal artistic skill.

Na Boca do Lobo
Na Boca do Lobo | courtesy of ArtRio

Frederico Herrero

Costa Rican artist Frederico Herrero’s signature style is distinguished by its tropical colors and geometric compositions, giving his images of landscapes and other objects an innocent feel. His characteristic style will be represented with his piece Pan de Azucar, loosely modelled on Rio’s iconic Sugarloaf mountain.

Pan de Azucar
Pan de Azucar | courtesy of ArtRio

Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato

Brazilian artist Amadeo Luciana Lorenzato is famous for capturing Brazilian culture and everyday life within his works of art. His painting depicting houses on a hill within a rural area was never named, yet will be on display at the Panorama exhibit.

Painting without a name by Amadeo Luciana Lorenzato
Painting without a name by Amadeo Luciana Lorenzato | courtesy ArtRio

Josef Albers

German-born American Josef Albers is best remembered as an abstract painter and for his disciplined approach to composition. His oil painting on wooden board, entitled Study for Indicating Solids, will be on display at the Panorama program.

Study for Indicating Solids
Study for Indicating Solids | courtesy ArtRio