10 Food Bloggers In Brazil To Follow Right Now

Lime tart with raspberry medley |© Richie/A Cozinha Coletiva
Lime tart with raspberry medley |© Richie/A Cozinha Coletiva
Photo of Sarah Brown
8 November 2016

Brazil is closing the gap on other foodie countries as it edges closer to the forefront of the international food scene. A long line of cultural influences underpin Brazilian cuisine, creating unique, traditional dishes filled with exciting and exotic ingredients from Brazil’s own turf. Experience some of this diversity through Culture Trip’s compilation of the best food blogs from Brazil you have to follow.

Flora Refosco

Flora Refosco uses her blog to document her collection of recipes for simple meals packed with flavor and taste. Her fascination with food extends to the relation between the well-being of the body and mind, pleasure, sustainability, identity and health. Using everyday ingredients alongside items that are common in Brazil, Flora makes a catalogue of wonderful meals and accompaniments. One of the highlights on the blog is the pesto with Brazil nuts.

Brazil nut pesto | © Flora Refosco

Edu Guedes

Edu Guedes is well-known in Brazil as the TV presenter of Melhor Para Voce, which blends lifestyle with cooking and plenty of recipes. The blog has long lists of tasty, cost-effective dishes of varying difficulty levels that seamlessly combine traditional Brazilian cuisine with a hint of Italian influence from Edu’s former gastronomy studies in Italy. There are also vegetarian options, such as the eggplant kibe with herb mayonnaise.

The Cookie Shop

The Cookie Shop is maintained and updated by Paula Cinini, who used to work as a TV producer before becoming a dessert and sweet specialist. Her blog is full of delicious, sweet recipes that are easy to follow and create mouth-watering results. Her cinnamon rolls are soft, satisfying and totally scrumptious.

Cinnamon rolls | © Paula/The Cookie Shop

A Cozinha Coletiva

Richie from Sao Paulo does a fine job of delivering delicious and jaw-droppingly beautiful images and recipes of all things sweet on his blog, A Cozinha Coletiva. His different recipes are explained in great details which limits the error margin, and his cakes are worthy of any great dinner party. One recipe that especially stands out is his lime tart with a raspberry mix that looks and tastes exceptional.

Lime tart with raspberry medley | © Richie/A Cozinha Coletiva

Na Minha Panela

Na Minha Panela was created by chef and blogger, Camila Rezende. The site is beautifully organized with great foodie photos and plenty of easy to make recipes that truly reflect Brazilian roots. One to try is the classic pão de queijo (cheese bread) with Camila’s own twist of additional goiabada, a sweet fruit in Brazil that complements light cheeses perfectly.

Cozinha Pequena

With its crisp, smart layout and clear, colorful photos, Cozinha Pequena is beautifully presented and offers an enormous range of accessible dishes with something for everyone. Leandro Gonçalves and Dani Valente are the writers of the blog and choose simple recipes that create a strong impact, such as their cookies with chocolate filling and vanilla cream, a classic shepherd’s pie and their perfect-as-a-snack hot wings.

Hot wings | © Leandro Gonçalves and Dani Valente/Cozinha Pequena


The first impression you get from Gastronomismo is great visual impact, with a collage of foodie images the length of the page urging you to explore further. Click on any of the images to be taken straight to an easy-to-follow recipe for food that tastes and looks like you’ve worked much harder. The blog covers everything from sauces and dips to desserts and main meals and touches upon classic American, Italian, Brazilian and other cuisines. The strawberry ice cream recipe is fantastic for its simplicity, and the tomato tart is heavenly.

Tomato tart | © Greta Paz/Gastronomismo

Diga Maria

Diga Maria is a comprehensive site created by Maria Capai. Her blog plays host to beautiful food photos and easy to follow recipes that focus on the use of quality ingredients. Keep an eye on her blog too for her regular cooking workshops in Ubatuba, a town in the state of São Paulo, that uses local ingredients to create tasty dishes. Her recipe for roasted pork rack made with javaporco, a subspecies resulting from a cross between a wild boar and a domestic pig, is a perfect recipe for an alternative Sunday roast.

Roasted pork rack | © Maria Capai/Diga Maria


Pitadinha was created by Julian Stelli, who is from the Amazon state in Brazil. Her blog is clean and fresh with a whole host of delicious recipes to try, each one with a cultural underbelly of Brazil. Try the sweet potato chips, banana pancakes and the coconut cake, the latter proclaimed as the best in the world on the site. The recipe for caldo verde (green broth or soup) is easy to follow and results in a hearty, typically Brazilian dish.


Panela Terapia is a complete blog covering every foodie topic imaginable, with categories such as rice, starters, snacks, breads and meats all heaving with different recipes and fantastic, mouth-watering photos. The chilli jam is easy to make and versatile, whilst the roasted beef ribs look succulent and tender. Try the meat cake with cheese filling; it’s popular in Brazil, looks complex, yet is surprisingly easy to make.

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