10 Brazilian Cosmetic Brands You Should Know

Beuaty products | (c) pixabay
Beuaty products | (c) pixabay
Photo of Sarah Brown
22 November 2017

In terms of beauty standards, Brazil has a lot to feel smug about. From its absurdly high proportion of Victoria Secret Angel models to its famous Carnival queens, Brazil is globally known for its good-looking population, part of the reason why the country has such a large cosmetic industry. Here are some of the best Brazilian beauty brands you should know about when you visit, or you can check out the products through the Amazon links in the text.

Sol de Janeiro

Although based in the USA, Sol de Janeiro couldn’t be more of a Brazilian brand if it tried. Inspired by the natural confidence that they felt Brazilian women radiate and their healthy attitude to feeling comfortable in their skin on the beach, Sol de Janeiro has created a line of products that aims to create smooth skin that glows. The most famous product in the range is the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream which stimulates blood flow and helps reduce cellulite with its active ingredient guarana while the coconut oil and cupuaça butter help keep your skin soft.


Originally from France, Natura Brasil is the South American branch and has become Brazil’s number one cosmetics manufacturer. Natura Ekos Moisturizing Butter Cocoa uses cocoa butter for deep hydration and to leave the skin feeling super soft. Their Ekos Castanha shower cream uses oils from the Brazil nut to moisturize the skin and leave behind a tropical, nutty smell. One of the most exciting developments from Natura is its commitment to sustainability and recycling; many of their products are packaged in 100% green and recycled plastic.

Surya Brasil

A company that has dedicated itself to creating organic and natural products with sustainably sourced ingredients, Surya Brasil uses plants native to India and the Amazon such as henna and cupuacu. The result is creamy textures and divine smells with products suitable for both the body and your hair. Their Henna Light Brown Cream Surya Nature is a natural hair dye that doesn’t use any chemicals and will make brown hair richer, shinier, and is great for those sensitive to chemical-based dyes.

Cadiveu Plastica do Fios

Cadiveu Plastica do Fios is a Brazilian brand that has an extensive range of hair products. One of the most popular hairstyles in Brazil among women is long, dead-straight hair that seems impossibly smooth and it’s this ideal that the Plastica do Fios smoothing shampoo aims to achieve. With active ingredients including acai and arginine, the shampoo nourishes the hair and leaves it totally hydrated so that the hair doesn’t absorb water and stops it from becoming frizzy in humid conditions.

O Boticario

This huge Brazilian brand specializes in makeup, skincare, perfumes and various other day-to-day beauty products, making O Boticario one of the country’s largest cosmetic brands. Their Native Spa Body Oil leaves your skin silky soft with a light fragrance of lychee, cherry, or rosemary. They also have an extensive range of makeup and wonderful perfumes and fragrances, such as the O Boticario Glamour Feme Eau De Toilette.

Quem disse, Berenice?

Famous for its wide range of makeup, Quem disse, Berenice? also has products for hair and body care as well as a huge collection of vibrant-colored nail polishes, all for a reasonable price. Their primer to apply to your face before putting on makeup comes in different colors to suit your skin tone, such as green primer to neutralize skin that has red undertones. The Gel for Eyebrows helps subtly define your brows and their range of lipsticks are long-lasting and in bold, vivid shades.


Although Brazil is famous for its tropical weather, those concerned with the effects of the sun on the skin tend to stick to the shade and get a fake tan instead. BestBronze is one of Brazil’s leading tanning brands with a range of products to help you get the perfect sun-kissed look without actually being in the sun. Start with the exfoliating soap bar to get your skin smooth before applying the Best Bronze spray that will leave your skin looking bronzed. Top with the Shimmer Spray to really make your spray tan pop.


With a huge line of products that have your hair and body covered whether you are a woman or a man, Mahogany combines delicious ingredients and fragrances in its products to produce quality cosmetics at reasonable prices. The Estojo Mahogany for Men Liquid Soap and Shower Gel mixes mint oil with extracts of ginger to create a refreshing and uplifting product to start the day. Their Bath Oil in Almond is soft and light, perfect for a relaxing bath.

Contem 1g

With a range of makeup that caters to every need and a collection of long-lasting lipsticks in more than 100 shades, Contem 1g is one of Brazil’s most famous makeup brands. Not only do they have a great range of light yet durable foundations and more colors of nail polishes than you can imagine, they also do makeup courses in Brazil to learn specific beauty tips. They also have a skincare range for both men and women.


Inspired by the vibrant colors and refreshing smells of Rio de Janeiro, Riô has a line of perfume that takes its names from the various neighborhoods and points of interest around Rio de Janeiro. Their Eau de Toilette Avenida Atlantica is their first male fragrance which has a slightly smoky smell with notes of musk and verbena. For women, the Eau de Toilette Jardim Botanico mixes fruity scents with pomegranate, white guava, passion fruit, and hints of lily and iris.

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