An Adventure Traveler’s Guide to Bolivia

Largo Canapa|©NeilsPhotography/Flickr
Largo Canapa|©NeilsPhotography/Flickr
Photo of Harry Stewart
13 February 2017

Bolivia has plenty to offer the adventurous traveler. This outdoor-lover’s paradise sees hordes of thrill-seekers arrive each year in their quest for extreme, adrenaline-pumping activities. Let’s take a closer look at what extreme activities Bolivia has to offer the adventure traveler.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing doesn’t get much better than Bolivia’s stunning Cordillera Real, which the Spanish named the ‘Royal Range’ for its majestic beauty. The Cordillera’s numerous peaks provide fantastic climbing opportunities for beginners and experts alike. Huayna Potosi – the world’s easiest mountain over 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) – is the country’s most popular ascent for its relatively easily obtainable bragging rights. Other appealing options include Pequeño Alpamayo, Pico Austria, Nevado Sajama and La Paz’ guardian angel, Mount Illimani. Climbing South America are the people to talk to for all things climbing.

Climbing South America, 940 Linares, La Paz, Bolivia, +591 2297 1543


Climbing Huayna Potosi | © Justin Vidamo/Flickr

Mountain biking

Cycling down the World’s Most Dangerous Road has become an essential item on the South American backpacker’s to-do list. This hair-raising decent from snowy glacial peaks to humid tropical valleys is popular for its spectacular scenery and terrifyingly treacherous cliff edges. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Bolivia has much better trails for the serious mountain biking enthusiast. Extreme single tracks carve their way through the mountains near Sorata and there is even a loco option called ‘skreeing’ – kind of like skiing on a mountain bike. Check out Gravity Bolivia for all the best mountain biking action.

Gravity Bolivia, 940 Linares, La Paz, Bolivia, +591 2231 0218


The start of the ‘Death Road’ | © Anthony Tong Lee/Flickr


Breathtakingly beautiful treks are a dime-a-dozen in Bolivia. From short day-hikes in luscious Amazonian rainforests to week-long exhibitions through the snowy Cordillera Real, there are plenty of amazing adventures to choose from. The best hiking spots include Sajama, Amboro, Toro Toro and Madidi National Park just to name a few. So dust off your hiking boots and get ready to experience some of the best trekking in South America.

Trekking in Bolivia | © M M/Flickr


Whitewater rafting is a popular adventure tourism activity in the county’s tropical lowland regions. However, those with a little extra time should seriously consider embarking on an epic six-day rafting trip traveling through pristine rainforest and arriving in the eco-tourism Mecca of Rurrenabaque. This amazing journey covers several hundred miles and participants are expected to help build their own raft as well as fish for dinner along the way.

Deep Rainforest, 121 America Ave. Edificio Casablanca, La Paz, Bolivia, +591 2215 0385

Rafting | © keijj44/pixabay

Rafting | © keijj44/pixabay

Urban Rush

A strong hit of adrenaline can even be found in downtown La Paz. Urban Rush is a crazy abseiling experience that sees the brave adventurer don a ridiculous outfit and descend some 164 feet from the 17th floor of the city’s tallest hotel. Those with a little more courage can have a go at rap jumping; a terrifying face-first decent.

Urban Rush, Calle Potosi, La Paz, Bolivia, +591 7670 3000

Rap Jumping | © Urban Rush

Rap jumping | © Urban Rush

Zip line

If you’re still up for a bit more adventure after mountain biking the Death Road, then check out Zzip. Bolivia’s best zip line experience is conveniently located at the end of the perilous road. This insane flying fox consists of three sections that last for a combined 1,550 meters (5,100 feet) and see riders reach speeds of up to 52 miles per hour while soaring high above the stunning Yungas valley.

Zzip | © Javier Thellaeche

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