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| ©Rogerio Camboim S A/Flickr
| ©Rogerio Camboim S A/Flickr
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17 Photos That Prove Bolivia Is a Nature Lover’s Playground

Picture of Harry Stewart
Updated: 14 May 2017
Bolivia is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, an untouched natural paradise with a stunning array of climates and eco-systems. We could employ endless adjectives and superlatives to describe her allure, but as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so let’s take a look at some photos instead.

The tranquil hiking trails of Isla del Sol
Hiking Isla del Sol | ©

The bubbling hot springs of the South West Circuit

Hot Springs in Eduardo Avaroa © Rudy Mareel/Shutterstock
Hot Springs in Eduardo Avaroa © Rudy Mareel/Shutterstock | © Rudy Mareel / Shutterstock

The magnificent pink flamingos of Eduardo Avaroa

The surreal Arbol de Piedra (rock tree) of the Salvador Dalí Desert

The turquoise waters of Laguna Verde

Those cute little viscachas all throughout the altiplano

The scorching hot geysers of Eduardo Avaroa
Steaming hot geysers | ©

The dense jungle of Amboro National Park

The amazing altiplano deserts of South West Bolivia

The incredible hues of Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada
Laguna Colorada | © evastupica/pixabay

The wondrous Sajama National Park

The beautiful bird life of Madidi National Park

The impressive canyons of Torotoro National Park

Canyon in Torotoro
Canyon in Torotoro | ©

The stunning lagoons and glaciers of the Cordillera Real

The tropical valleys around Coroico in Los Yungas

The adorable llamas everywhere

The amazing wildlife of the Rurrenabaque pampas tours

The beautiful badlands of Tupiza

Tupiza badlands
Tupiza badlands | © Jan Beck/Flickr

The peaceful waterways of the Amazon jungle

Amazon at sunset
Amazon at sunset | © StefanMuller/pixabay