10 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow Before Visiting Bolivia

Bolivia Speed Limit | © RomanBader / pixabay
Bolivia Speed Limit | © RomanBader / pixabay
Photo of Harry Stewart
1 May 2018

Featuring colorful indigenous culture and some of the most photogenic wilderness on Earth, Bolivia is an Instagrammer’s playground with virtually limitless potential. And despite the fact that the social media platform has yet to take off in the country, there are a number of jaw-dropping Bolivian accounts. Here’s Culture Trip’s list of the greatest.


Based out of La Paz, Bolivian Express is the country’s most widely circulated English language print magazine. Each monthly issue comes packed with artistic photography, the best of which is shared on their Instagram feed.


Meaning “I’m from La Paz,” this uber-popular account runs in conjunction with an equally successful Facebook page where residents share memes and stories about life in their home city. All photos are carefully curated by the admins to ensure only the most striking local photography is on display.


Photography-focused travel agency Salt Pic Uyuni have the Instagram market cornered in Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. Featuring the biggest #uyuni account on the Gram, their feed features some unusual romantic shots among other compelling salt flat pics.

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Run by Australian wildlife enthusiast and tour company owner Nick, the account primarily portrays the stunning scenery and wildlife guests can expect to encounter on a tour of eastern Bolivia.


Renowned La Paz photographer Michael Dunn is a regular on Instagram, typically using low light and carefully placed shadows to create a more moody depiction of Bolivia.


Landscape and macro photographer Pavel Diaz de Oropeza may only have a few pics on his account, yet his unique angles and use of color make him worthy of a look.


Sergio Bretel has won international awards for this abstract works, many of which use distortion from reflections to create a novel effect.

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Bolivian photographer and avid traveler Jack Shoot loves to document his adventures, showcasing the most spectacular scenery from Bolivia and beyond.


Local Bolivian collective Mango Media use drones and traditional methods to capture breathtaking photos of their hometown and the surrounding region.

Knorke Leaf

Street art enthusiasts will want to keep an eye on Knorke Leaf, a renowned local painter who has been commissioned to work on some of the country’s best murals. Keep an eye out to see if you can spot her work in La Paz and beyond.

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