Top 10 Beautiful Beaches In South America

Photo of Sarine Arslanian
9 February 2017

Whether you are looking for a quiet fishing village, a remote island, a party beach or a vibrant surf town, options are plentiful in South America for the most avid beach lovers. Except for two landlocked countries, all South American nations are home to breathtaking shimmering beaches whether on the Atlantic, Pacific or Caribbean. Here follows the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Lopes Mendes Beach I | © Carlos Barbosa Ribeiro/WikiCommons

Lopes Mendes Beach

Located on Brazil’s paradise island called Ilha Grande, in other words Big Island, Lopes Mendes Beach is a stunning white sand beach lined with almond and palm trees and crystal blue waters stretching for almost two miles. What’s best though, is this stretch of sand is very much untouched and undeveloped with not a single building in sight. All you need to bring is a good book, suntan lotion, and snacks.

Lopes Mendes Beach, IIha Grande, Brazil


Situated on Ecuador’s famous Ruta del Sol, Montañita is a chill beach town that offers incredible surfing, scuba diving, bodyboarding, windsurfing and waterskiing opportunities. You see travelers from around the world enjoying the town’s laid back Rasta vibe with a ceviche or cocktail in hand while relaxing under the sun, playing beach volley or football, and even watching surfers who proudly wear their dreadlocks. This is also the country’s only tolerant and liberal party spot where smoking marijuana is not illegal.

Montañita, Ecuador

Punta Del Diablo

For travelers looking for a distinct bohemian vibe while on a beach escape, Punta del Diablo in Uruguay is a good option. This is where many Argentinians and Uruguayans head to in the summer for some fun in the sun and good waves. Punta del Diablo, which translates as the Devil’s Tip, is a classic example of a South American surf town, laid back to the extreme. Compared to flashy Punta del Este, also in Uruguay, Punta del Diablo provides an unpretentious beach experience.

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay


Close to Fortaleza in Brazil, Jericoacoara is an otherworldly paradise beach. Thus, it comes as no surprise that quite often travelers who head there for a weekend break end up staying for weeks. Waters are quite shallow, which does not make this the perfect ‘swimming’ beach. However, what makes this place special is the many sand dunes facing west. They are very fun to climb and offer amazing viewpoints to watch the sun set over the crystal clear ocean.

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Shell Beach

Guyana’s answer to wildlife lovers on the Atlantic coast, Shell Beach is the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts who want to see turtles. The beach constitutes a famous nesting spot for four out of eight sea turtle species. Since the 1960s, conservationists have fought to protect them from turtle hunters interested in their meat and eggs. Sea turtles include the olive ridley, the green, the leatherback and the hawksbill turtles.

Shell Beach, Guyana


Florianopolis, locally referred to as Floripa, is one of the most famous beach destinations for Brazilians and travelers from around the globe. There are dozens of stunning beaches from which to choose, but gorgeous Joaquina is always a safe bet. At this breathtaking beach, it is mostly about sand dunes and surf. In the summer, huge crowds flock to Joaquina where they can enjoy fresh seafood treats and amazing caipirinhas right on the sand. This is a popular spot for Brazil’s young and beautiful in search of good vibes, sea and sunshine.

Joaquina, Florianopolis, Brazil

Anakena Beach

Few travelers think about taking a beach holiday on Chile’s Easter Island. Those who do, however, will find Anakena Beach to be a stunning one. Mornings are the best time to head to the beach as that is when you will have it almost entirely to yourself. And honestly, nothing beats the sensation of relaxing on this long stretch of beautiful white sand under the shadows of the island’s well-known moai. What’s best though, is there is not just one of them there, there are six.

Anakena Beach, Chile

El Cabo San Juan Beach

Located in the heart of Colombia’s incredible Tayrona National Park, El Cabo San Juan, or Cape San Juan, is nothing short of a slice of paradise. Accessing the beach, however, is not for the fainthearted. The most adventurous will tackle a one and a half hour long but rewarding hike to reach the stunning beach. Once there, many opt to rent a hammock to camp out for the night, which makes without doubt a memorable experience.

El Cabo San Juan Beach, Magdalena, Colombia


Situated in Peru’s sunniest region, Mancora, a small beach town, is famous for having quality open air restaurants with views of the ocean on one side and the desert on the other side. It is also famous year round among kite surfers who are attracted by Mancora’s breeze and good waves. In the summer, both local and international travelers head there to relax by the beach while catching some good sun rays and enjoying the views. The beach does not get too crowded during the day, which is nice. At night, however, local nightclubs come to life attracting the party crowd.

Mancora, Peru

Los Roques

Off the Venezuelan coast, Los Roques is a stunning archipelago right in the Caribbean Sea. They have beautiful beaches on this chain of islands, making it impossible to go wrong. Los Roques National Park is also home to hundreds of breathtaking coral reefs, which make these islands great diving and snorkeling destinations. Of course, that is only if you manage to pull yourself away from the stunning white sand.

Los Roques, Venezuela