Meet the 7 Latin American LGBT Musicians Inspiring the World in 2018

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Updated: 20 March 2018
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Latin American music is gaining more and more attention for a number of reasons, not least because of the growing importance of the Spanish language in the United States. Here are some of the best LGBT musicians you should look out for from Latin America.

Pabllo Vittar

Drag queen Vittar shot to fame in Brazil after her song “Todo Dia” became the biggest hit at Carnival 2017. The tune, a collaboration with queer rapper Rico Dalasam, got the attention of Diplo and Major Lazer, who invited Vittar to record a song for their EP.

Rico Dalasam

The black queer rapper Rico Dalasam made his name on the hip hop scene in Sao Paulo before releasing his first EP, Modo Diverso. Singles “Riquissima” and “Esse Close Eu Dei” were followed by full-length album Orgunga, and Dalasam’s star continues to rise.

(Me Llamo) Sebastian

Over in Chile, pop artist and activist (Me Llamo) Sebastian has been an outspoken presence in an overwhelmingly conservative society for the last few years. His songs tell the story of his experiences in the gay community, including homophobia, trans friends, and polyamory. The artist has been on the road an awful lot recently, and boasts a growing international fanbase.


The genderqueer Peruvian DJ Chaska Sophia is better known by her stage name, Precolumbian, in her adopted hometown of Philadelphia. She has been transitioning for five years and has built up a loyal local following thanks to a sustained presence on the club circuit. Her sets draw on traditional Peruvian musical styles such as cumbia and chichi alongside bass music, in a style that she calls tropical madness.

Dani Umpi

All-round creative powerhouse Dani Umpi also writes, acts and makes art alongside his musical career. A big name in Latin American contemporary literature, the LGBT artist has also released various albums of piano ballads, pop covers and dance music. Check out the album Lechiguna and the single “La Yuta” to find out more.


Venezuelan producer Arca, real name Alejandro Ghersi, has worked with huge global names such as Kanye West and FKA Twigs, as well as producing his own music. It’s a far cry from his previous appearances in jock straps and high heels on the underground circuit in Caracas, but he’s taken it in his stride. Have a listen to the album Reverie.

Liniker de Barros Ferreira Campos

Trans black woman Liniker is the lead Singer of Liniker e os Caramelows, who hail from Brazil. After great initial success at home, the group toured Latin America and Europe in 2017, taking their brand of soul, rock and samba-inspired sounds to a wider audience and underlining the importance of LGBT artists in the Brazilian musical scene.

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