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Courtesy of Pixabay
Courtesy of Pixabay
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10 Must-Follow Fashion Bloggers From Brazil

Picture of Georganne Hassell
Updated: 18 January 2017
We all want to look and feel our best, and Brazilian women are an excellent example of confident beauty. Famous for rocking the runways and the hottest beaches on the planet, Brazilians know how to have fun and look amazing doing it. Take a look at some of the trendiest Brazilian fashion bloggers to add a healthy dose of body, fashion and beauty confidence to your life.

Martina Ritter

At just 21 years old, Brazilian Martina Ritter already has a gorgeous, thriving blog where she muses on fashion and lifestyle. Her motto is to never be monotonous, which shines through in her posts. She includes everything on the blog that inspires her and makes her happy, and she aims to share this love of fashion with her fans. From high fashion handbags to summer espadrilles, Ritter covers a range of fashion interests to suit all.

Nati Vozza

Glam for You first came on the scene in 2009 as a for Nati Vozza to have her own little corner to share her fashion interests. She had graduated from college with a degree in fashion and felt lost as to where to turn next. Vozza never thought such a quick decision would have such a major impact on her life. She says that her blog is meant to be a little refuge from life’s daily stresses. And what a lovely refuge it is with curated looks and tips on fashion, beauty and travel.

Lele Saddi, Helena Bordon e Nati Vozza | © ariel martini/Flickr
Lele Saddi, Helena Bordon e Nati Vozza | © ariel martini/Flickr

Helena Bordon

Helena Bordon offers readers a Brazilian insight on the world of high fashion. As the daughter of Vogue’s director of style, Donata Meirelles, Helena knows just how to connect followers to fashion. Despite her tendency to show high fashion looks, Bordon believes to be chic is to be comfortable. She embodies this fashion principle with her own line of sunglasses and by collaborating with Brazilian brands, such as Capodarte, that are true to her style.

Camila Coelho

From laid back, boho vibes to over-the-top glam, Camila Coelho shows it all on her fashion, beauty and travel blog. Her site offers an English and Portuguese version to keep both her Brazilian and English-speaking fans in the know. Aside from her on-point looks, she maintains a hugely successful YouTube channel with nearly three million subscribers – with a further one million on the English-language channel. She’s definitely one Brazilian beauty to keep an eye on.

Anne Barreto

Blooming beauty Anne Barreto, author of Hey Beauty blog, is a model and fashionista whose smile is downright infectious. A native of Brazil’s north-eastern state of Bahia, Barreto brings effortless style into her looks and shares some fantastic tips on fitness and wellness. Check out her blog to get the full scoop on how to infuse easy Brazilian chic into your wardrobe, from street style to beachwear.

Thássia Naves

Thássia Naves makes dressing for an outing in Paris or a poolside party a breeze. As a fashion lover, she decided not only to make a blog to share her passion, but took her work further by studying at the Istituto Marangoni in Paris. She maintains a classy, feminine style, punctuated by just the right boldness in accessories. She says that Chanel, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior are among her favorite brands and shows readers how to incorporate elegant style into their everyday looks.

Thássia Naves /
Thássia Naves / | © Renan Katayama / Flickr

Luisa Accorsi

Luisa Accorsi is another young journalist on the list whose passion for communication has led her to share about travel, fashion, beauty, books and films. Her fashion section is an easy, go-to guide, with looks broken down into categories for day, night and special occasions. She also inspires fans by culling from celebrity fashion trends across the globe. Perhaps most intriguing is seeing her fashion looks travel the globe in her lifestyle section, where she shares secrets from enchanting places from Istanbul to Bhutan, and, of course, throughout Brazil.

Camila Coutinho

A fashion designer who started her blog Garotas Estupidas (Stupid Girls) a decade ago, Camila Coutinho doesn’t hide who she really is: silly, vivacious, fashionable, and totally fine with a little bit of gossip in her life. She started her blog, affectionately nicknamed GE, during one night of insomnia, hoping to share fashion news and gossip with her friends without worrying about others’ opinions. Ten years later she has more than two million Instagram followers and plenty of partnerships to keep her fans entertained with fashion, beauty and travel tips.

Camila Coutinho / © Alex Furquim
Camila Coutinho / | © Alex Furquim

Luiza Brasil

The bold beauty behind Mequetrefismos, Luiza Brasil, is by trade a journalist, but she decided to fuse her love of writing with her love of fashion. Having studied journalism in Rio de Janeiro and fashion at the London College of Fashion, she has since earned her place as a master stylist. On her blog she shares her undying love of animal prints and any basic black piece. Her blog is full of playful energy, bold looks and even a section for the guys to check out.

Ketherin Kaffka

A student of business, fashion and graphic design, Ketherin Kaffka merges these passions with her modeling, writing and photography talent into her blog, to be a daily inspiration for fans and friends. Kaffka shares relatable looks from classic stripes to feminine florals, and offers personal stylist services for those over- and underwhelmed by what’s in their closet.