The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Santa Fe, Argentina

Sunset in Santa Fe, Argentina
Sunset in Santa Fe, Argentina | © Maximiliano Kolus/Flickr
Photo of Sorcha O'Higgins
1 February 2018

Santa Fe is a province in north-eastern Argentina. The capital of the province is Santa Fe, while the most important city in the region is probably Rosario, birthplace of Lionel Messi and Che Guevara. We check out the best things to do in and around Santa Fe province.

Santa Fe Suspension Bridge

Santa Fe suspension bridge | © Emilio Küffer/Flickr

This Instagram-worthy bridge was built in 1924 and connects the east and west coasts of the Setúbal Lagoon. It was almost destroyed by flooding in 1983, but was restored and is now one of the city’s monuments. It is illuminated at night, making for romantic views of the bridge against the night sky, or as the sun goes down in the evening.

Ethnographic and Colonial Museum Juan de Garay

This museum elaborates on the pre-Hispanic and colonial past of Argentina and the Santa Fe region, and is a great place to take kids to learn a little bit more about the country’s history. It also features the exhumed and preserved materials from the ruins of Santa Fe La Vieja, and you can also see a wealth of indigenous crafts and artefacts from previous eras.

Ethnographic & Colonial Museum Juan de Garay, 25 de Mayo 1470, Santa Fe, Argentina +54 342 457-3550

Visit Rosario

Rosario is Argentina’s third city with a population of nearly 1.5 million people. It is home to a number of prestigious Argentine sights, and visitors to Rosario can check out the port on the Parana river, head to the riverside cafes, bars and nightclubs and see the house where infamous revolutionary Che Guevara was born.

Visit the Flag Monument in Rosario

Rosario is also important because this was where the Argentine flag was created. Argentina is very proud of its flag, so much so that it even has a dedicated monument to the national bandera. The flag monument is not just a statue, but a vast 10,000m2 (107639ft2) complex that is built in imposing stone that acts as a counterpoint to the important Neoclassical architecture that you will see in the rest of the city.

Flag Monument, Santa Fe 581, Rosario, Argentina +54 341 480-2238

San Francisco Convent Museum

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A fine example of local colonial architecture, this former convent is a work of art, and a must-visit for anyone who appreciates details in joinery and is passionate about history. The San Francisco Convent Museum has pretty gardens and adjoining museum where visitors can marvel at the timber roof beams that were constructed using no nails.

Enjoy the beaches in Rosario

Beach in Rosario | © Maximiliano Kolus/Flickr

As well as being a port city, Rosario also has some lovely beaches that are heavily used by locals for recreation. The Rambla Catalunya and the Balneario La Florida are two of the most important ones, and offer visitors a range of activities to enjoy on the beach. Definitely worth a visit in the height of summer.

Cervecería Santa Fe

Santa Fe is known for its beer. One of the best places to get a cold brew is at the Cerveceria Santa Fe, a brewery which takes visitors keen to know more about the industrial process and history of beer in the region on a tour of the old house the brewery is located in.

Cerveceria Santa Fe, Calchines 1401, Santa Fe, Argentina +54 342 450-2200

Provincial Fine Arts Museum Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez

This fine arts museum showcases work by Argentine artists and is housed in a beautiful building that was constructed by Dr. Martín Rodríguez Galisteo in 1918. He donated the building to the state on the condition that it be named after his mother, and the museum is also home to a library. The building was inaugurated in 1922 and became the first public art space in the city.

Provincial Fine Arts Museum, 4 de Enero 1510, Santa Fe, Argentina +54 342 457-3577

El Molino Cultural Factory

This amazing institution is housed in a former mill, which has been given a contemporary renovation that includes a dramatic covered walkway with concrete sails supported on soaring columns. The complex is a cultural centre and offers a space for performance, art, theatre and exhibitions.

El Molino Cultural Factory, Blvd. Galvez 2350, Santa Fe, Argentina +54 342 457-4745