The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

It goes without saying that travelers come to Puerto Iguazu with one thing in mind – to marvel at the spectacular waterfalls of Iguazu. And while this internationally renowned cascada is clearly a must, there are a number of other fun-filled things to see and do around town as well. Take a look at Culture Trip’s recommendations.

Visit the Iguazu Falls

This will obviously be at the top of any visitor’s checklist, and with good reason. The Argentine side has several well-maintained walkways that offer unbeatable views of the falls from various angles, not to mention an action-packed speedboat ride that zooms right through their powerful spray. Plan to spend at least full day exploring this incredible site.

Hike the Sendero Macuco

Before or after visiting the main attraction, escape the crowds by hiking the lush 4.5 km Sendero Macuco. Passing through thick jungle terrain, this moderate hike sees travelers coming face to face with brown capuchin monkeys and the colorful toco toucan. It ends at a waterfall with a pleasant swimming hole.

Sendero Macuco, Misiones Province, Argentina


Iguazú National Park Sendero Macuco | © Miguel Vieira/Flickr

Fly over the falls in a helicopter

It may not be cheap, but there really is no better way to visit this miraculous attraction than from the air. Helicopter rides take in most of the site’s 275 falls, including the unmissable Garganta del Diablo, in a scenic 10-minute ride.

Check out the falls from the Brazilian side

The Brazillian side of the falls admittedly has far fewer walking trails. However, it does offer a unique vantage point right above the famous Garganta del Diablo. With that in mind, it’s worthwhile visiting this natural wonder from both sides of the border, if even your budget is tight. Brazillian immigration has been known to occasionally allow tourists into Brazil visa-free on the condition they return the same day, although this cannot be guaranteed.


Visit the Itaipu Dam

Another interesting international day trip sees travelers heading to Paraguay for a different kind of wonder, this time manmade. Built in the 1970s, this mammoth dam is a true feat of engineering, providing 95% of Paraguay’s electricity needs and 25% of Brazil’s. Visitors can choose panoramic or technical tours, and there is even an option to admire the structure from a catamaran on the water.

Itaipu Dam, Foz do Iguaçu – State of Paraná, Brazil

Güirá Oga

On the way to the falls, considering stopping off at the Güirá Oga animal refuge to admire a vast collection of the incredible fauna which inhabits the region. Tours take around 90 minutes, and some of the proceeds go towards a breeding program and wildlife research.

Casa Ecológica de Botellas

Another worthwhile stop on the way to the falls, this entire house – furniture and all – has been built from plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Visitors can purchase some rather novel recycled souvenirs.

La Casa ecológica de botellas | © Rodrigo Soldon/Flickr

Las Tres Fronteras

This spectacular viewpoint on the western end of town offers unrivaled vistas of the place where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge, allowing tourists to view all three countries simultaneously. Visit at 7:30 pm to be treated to a laser infused sound and light show with hologram-like videos projected into the mist.

Las Tres Fronteras, N3370AWF, Av. Tres Fronteras 515, N3370AWF Puerto Iguazú, Misiónes, Argentina


Tres fronteras | © Marcio Ramalho/Flickr

Comunidad Guarani Yriapu

For an unforgettable ethno-tourism experience, pay a visit to this authentic indigenous community who live a mostly self-sustainable lifestyle on their 300-hectare plot. Interaction with the locals is possible, and there are plenty of handmade souvenirs up for sale.

La Aripuca

A somewhat unusual attraction, La Aripuca is a kind of theme park that aims to educate visitors on the damage done by deforestation. Energetic guides provide visitors with some sobering facts before finishing up the tour at a house made from incredibly large tree trunks.

La Aripuca, Ruta 12 4 1/2, Puerto Iguazú, Misiónes, Argentina +54 3757 42-3488