The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Posadas, Argentina

San Ignacio | © Juan/Wikipedia
San Ignacio | © Juan/Wikipedia

Situated along the banks of the Rio Parana in northern Argentina, only a trickle of travelers choose Posadas as a stopover on their way to the Iguazu Falls or the neighboring city of Encarnacion in Paraguay. It may not be the country’s premier tourist destination, but thriving riverfront nightlife, an eclectic mix of museums and some fascinating nearby Jesuit ruins make it worthy of a day or two. Here are the top 10 things to see and do in town.

The costanera

Stretching along the Rio Parana with views over neighboring Encarnacion, the recently developed boardwalks of Posadas’ costanera are a fantastic place to visit in the evening as the heat begins to subside. Picturesque sandy beaches are the perfect spot for a swim while free bike hire from the local council can easily be arranged (bring your ID).

Costanera, Av. Costanera, Posadas, Argentina

Andres Guazurari Monument

Travelers cycling or walking along the costenera will be sure to come across this gleaming metallic sculpture which was built to honor one of the region’s most beloved military commanders and political strongman.

Paseo Bosetti

Situated just two blocks off the main plaza, this bustling pedestrian thoroughfare is particularly vibrant in the evenings as locals come for a stroll and artisans hawk their wares. Keep an eye out for the giant metallic statue dedicated to the region’s quintessential drink: maté.

Riverfront Restaurants

The stretch of the costanera heading north from Flemming St is lined with funky restaurants, bars, and cafes, some of which are decidedly upmarket. The atmosphere is buzzing during the evening on weekends.

Republic of Paraguay Park

The Parque Republica del Paraguay may have fallen out of favor in recent years as the newly developed costanera has come in to steal the show. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasant enough spot to visit and features a few dining options, museums, and an adjacent amphitheater.

Republica del Paraguay Park, Roque González 500-598, Posadas, Argentina

Anibal Cambas Regional Museum

The centerpiece of the Paraguay Park is the Museo Regional Anibal Cambas, widely regarded as Posadas’ best museum. Expect to find an exciting array of local artifacts from indigenous times to the end of the colonial era.

Museo Regional Aníbal Cambas, Posadas, Argentina +54 376 442-2860

The Posadas Cathedral

Presiding over Plaza 9 de Julio, the city’s main square, this 19th-century church features two beautiful bell towers and an unusual earthy pink color scheme. Plenty of activity can be found around the plaza at any time of day.

The Posadas Cathedral | ©  Kitheria96/Wikipedia


Perched on the other side of the Rio Parana, this attractive Paraguayan town can be visited as a day trip from Posadas. The most pleasant way to make the trip is via train, a scenic journey which takes just 10 minutes.

Estacion De Tren Posadas-Encarnacion, Colectora Acceso Sur, Posadas, Argentina


Train to Paraguay | © Ezequiel12096/Wikipedia

Misión Paraná

The best way to explore the Rio Parana is by ship, or more specifically, the luxury catamarans of the Misión Paraná tour company. Daytime sightseeing departures are popular with families while nighttime booze cruises are available during busier periods.

San Ignacio Mini

Most tourists visit Posadas to explore the nearby Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Mini. Dating back to the 17th century, these well preserved red sandstone structures were built using a mix of both local Gurani and Spanish-baroque architectural style.