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Patagonia Eco Domes | Courtesy of Patagonia Eco Domes
Patagonia Eco Domes | Courtesy of Patagonia Eco Domes
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The 10 Most Unusual Places to Sleep in Argentina

Picture of Kristin Deasy
Updated: 15 June 2017
Traveling is an adventure, all the more so when you switch out conventional sleeping arrangements for something a little more interesting, and Argentina offers a slew of creative ways for travelers to spending the night. Instead of a hotel, try sleeping in one of these unconventional places.

In a yurt

Yurts are circular tents developed by Mongolian and Siberian nomads to survive harsh winters and are now used by adventurers worldwide. The Bacab Nomad art/movement community in the town of El Bolson, Patagonia, rents out yurts (as well as teepees and domes) for summer stays at Chacra Ahualoa in the nearby mountain community of Mallin Ahogado.

Yurts by Bacab Nomad
Yurts by Bacab Nomad | Courtesy of Bacab Nomad

On a boat

Why not rent out a whole boat and float around Argentina? Approximately an hour outside of Buenos Aires in the suburb of San Isidro, the Crucero Clásico de Madera offers a comfortable at-sea stay for up to six people.

Crucero Clásico de Madera, Béccar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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In a teepee

Earthship's teepee | Courtesy of Earthship Patagonia

Earthship’s teepee | Courtesy of Earthship Patagonia

Looking for a vegan-friendly base for hiking adventures, plus a teepee? Then Earthship is the place for. Located in the heart of Patagonia, Earthship in El Bolson has a huge teepee for guests to stay in. The eco-accommodation offers volunteer programs, hostel facilities and private rooms (including more yurts). The community is built out of a hill and surrounded by some of Patagonia’s most famous mountains.

Earthship, Azcuénaga 754, 8430 El Bolsón, Río Negro, Argentina, +54 29 4448 3656

In a tree house

Always wanted to stay in a tree house, Swiss Family Robinson style? Now’s your chance. Located a little over an hour outside Buenos Aires in the small, historic town of Capilla del Señor, the 6458-sq-ft (600 m²) Casa del Arbol offers a unique, nature-filled getaway from the bustling capital.

Casa del Arbol, Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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In a solar-powered dome

In need of a digital detox (who isn’t)? Patagonia Eco Domes in the province of Santa Cruz offer a serious retreat from civilization. Outside of El Chalten in Los Glaciares National Park, with the famous Mount Fitz Roy looming nearby, the solar-powered dome community is an opportunity to let it all go and connect with nature. No cell phone connection, no internet—just gorgeous Patagonia, as far as the eye can see. Patagonia Eco Domes operates November–March.

Patagonia Eco Domes, Ruta 23, 9301 El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina, +54 29 6249 3359

Patagonia Eco Domes | Courtesy of Patagonia Eco Domes

Patagonia Eco Domes | Courtesy of Patagonia Eco Domes

On a mountain

Backpackers interested in trekking in Argentina should familiarize themselves with refugios, the small huts or outposts scattered along the immense mountain ranges in the south of the country. Planning on hiking overnight? Read this guide before going.

Under the stars

Gaucho Argentino, a 16-year-old eco-tourism company, offers four-night horseback crossings over the Andes, during which travelers will sleep under the stars, well removed from the remotest of remote city lights, while also staring up at a whole new hemisphere. Gaucho Argentino offers numerous activities at bases in Mendoza, Salta, and Corrientes, but the multiple-day horseback adventure is a must.

Night camping with Gaucho Argentino
Night camping with Gaucho Argentino | Courtesy of Gaucho Argentino
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In the middle of the jungle

The Yacutinga Eco-lodge in the tropical northeastern province of Misiones offers not only a private suite in the middle of the jungle but also a host of unusual jungle activities. Take the jungle challenge, explore the Yacutinga wildlife reserve and its abundance of birds, and more.

Yacutinga, Lote 7A, Colonia Andresito 3371, Misiones, Argentina, +54 11 0000 0000

Yacutinga Lodge | Courtesy of Yacutinga Lodge

Yacutinga Lodge | Courtesy of Yacutinga Lodge

Above a vineyard

When in Mendoza, drink wine, and take the trip to the next level. Entre Cielos in Mendoza’s Luján de Cuyo, at the base of the Andes, offers a unique immersion in nature with their elevated room that floats on top of vineyards. It’s a stunner.

Entre Cielos, Guardia Vieja 1998, Vistalba, Luján de Cuyo, Argentina, +54 26 1498 3377

Buenos Aires' Legado Mítico hotel | Courtesy of Legado Mítico

Buenos Aires’ Legado Mítico hotel | Courtesy of Legado Mítico

Amid Argentine legends

Buenos Aires’ Legado Mítico (Mythic Legend) hotel offers one of the most whimsical stays in the city. Each room is dedicated to one of the country’s most legendary figures: for example, Mafalda (the country’s famous cartoon character), writer Victoria Ocampo (Argentina’s Gertrude Stein), and Carlos Gardel (the famous tango singer). What better way to be immersed in Argentine culture and history than by nestling in alongside its most famous figures?

Legado Mítico, Soho 1414, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4833 1300