The Coolest Underground Clubs in Buenos Aires

Get the insider info on the best underground clubs in BA | © Giuseppe Milo/Flickr
Get the insider info on the best underground clubs in BA | © Giuseppe Milo/Flickr
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29 August 2017

Buenos Aires is known for its culture, whether it be theatre, music or art. The city has so much going on that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not, with new cultural spaces opening and old ones closing all the time. Here’s our rundown of the hottest underground venues right now.

Espacio Cultural Mi Casa

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Check out the shows at Espacio Cultural Mi Casa
Check out the shows at Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | © Gustavo Facci/Flickr
Located in a gritty post-punk space in the low-key neighbourhood of Almagro, Espacio Cultural Mi Casa is part-art gallery, part-performance space, part-under the radar joint of the moment. With a hip yet grungy crowd, you will be transported back to the 90s, before people stopped drawing on the walls and sweat still dripped from the ceiling. Friday nights are lit, and the parties that Witches throw are some of the best in the city.

Multiespacio Korova

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Open from Wednesday to Sunday, Multiespacio Korova in Palermo is a compact “cultural bar”, and has an array of cultural events weekly. Covered with cool murals on the inside and with a patio perfect for smokers, most nights start with a performance and end with DJs playing late into the night.

La Confitería

La Confitería is the place to be right now. Haunt of artists, musicians and general movers and shakers of the BA scene, this venue has all the old-timey charm of former dance hall, with a huge terrace on the roof for you to escape the mass of sweaty bodies raving or grooving downstairs. The bar selection is fairly rudimentary, so don’t expect fancy cocktails, but do expect a damn good time.

Av. Federico Lacroze, 2963 Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4555 4991

Outdoor clubbing in Buenos Aires | Courtesy of LA Confiteria

Santos 4040

Veritable king of the cultural centre, Chacarita’s Santos 4040 has made a name for itself as one of the city’s premier venues for live music, performance, art and fun times. The ping pong area out the back is ideal for chilling out and mingling, while the main room is perfect for dancing to the improvised jams that happen every Tuesday at La Grande, one of Buenos Aires’ favourite weeknight activities.

Santos Dumont 4040, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Cultura del Barrio

This boxing and martial arts gym in Villa Crespo doubles as an anti-fascist community centre and hardcore garage and punk venue. Not for the faint-hearted, to attend an event at La Cultura del Barrio you’ll need to bring grit and possibly a change of clothes, because things can get heated, literally. Mosh pits and high octane involvement are the order of the day, but this is underground fun at its best.

Juan Ramírez de Velasco 1233, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club V

La Cultura del Barrio’s slightly less intense, yet equally as stimulating cousin Club V has been around for a while. Garage, punk and hardcore gigs take place almost every night at this Avenida Corrientes haunt. Go late, leave late.

Av. Corrientes 5008, Buenos Aires, Argentina

POMO Distrito de Arte

This tiny cultural space on a side street in Palermo Soho is off the chain right now, especially among a younger, but discerning, crowd. Weekly jazz nights, art exhibitions and DJ sets by international artists are what keep people coming back to POMO. Be sure you know who’s playing, as the door policy can be exclusive.

Santa Rosa 5157, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 6228 1568