The Best Places to Live in Argentina for Expats

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina | © K.B.L. Luccia/Flickr
Photo of Sorcha O'Higgins
14 January 2018

Argentina has been a haven for expats over the last few years, with many internationals satisfying their wanderlust in this South American country. But with so many options to choose from, what are the best places to set up shop as an expat in Argentina? We round up the best places to live in Argentina as an expat.

Palermo, Buenos Aires

Bosques de Palermo, Buenos Aires | © Liam Quinn/Flickr

The trendiest neighbourhood in the Argentine capital is a favourite among foreigners, who decide to live here for the great vibes, pretty streets and wealth of amazing bars and restaurants that will keep you occupied for days. Palermo is especially good for remote workers due to the proliferation of co-working spaces, and there are plenty of Airbnbs and aparthotels for short or long term rent to allow you to get a feel for the city before you decide on somewhere to settle.


For anyone who is into wine, the outdoors or picturesque cities, Mendoza is the place for you. The city itself is compact enough to get to know quickly, but cosmopolitan enough for you not to get bored. In the province you will find the country’s famous wine producing region, all set against the incredible backdrop of the Andes. And if you’re a nature lover, Mendoza is home to Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America and a popular spot for hiking, trekking and mountain climbing.

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

One of the capital’s oldest neighbourhoods, San Telmo has a decidedly European feel, with its cobbled streets and colonial buildings reminding you of Argentina’s heritage. From San Telmo’s antique shops to its gastronomic delights, it is a favoured spots for expats who want to experience the real Buenos Aires’ old world charm, but with the convenience of modern eateries and some great shopping in the form of the San Telmo market and the famous Sunday feria.


Cordoba, Argentina | © Fernando Hidalgo Marchione/Flickr

A vibrant city with great nightlife and a host of cultural offerings, the city of Cordoba is a wonderful place for young people to experience Argentine life outside of Buenos Aires. Surrounded by incredible natural beauty, with hills, rivers and forests aplenty to be found in the province of Cordoba, there is no shortage of stuff to keep you occupied. Whether it is museums you’re after, or nature reserves and pretty parks, Cordoba has it all.

Colegiales, Buenos Aires

This low-key neighbourhood in the north of the capital is a toned-down version of Palermo, perfect for anyone who wants to be close to the city’s most happening area, but not right in the middle of the fracas. A residential area with lots of young families, Colegiales is quiet and safe, and its tree-lined streets make it feel like Sunday every day. While it is not as gentrified as Palermo, it still has lots of great cafes and bars, and it is also close to the up and coming neighbourhood of Chacarita, giving you the best of both worlds.


Bariloche, Argentina | © Jonathan Hood/Flickr

If you want to be immersed in nature but also live in proximity to an urban centre, the Patagonian city and region of Bariloche is the place for you. The town operates on a seasonal basis, with skiers coming in the winter and tourists who want to explore the incredible beauty of the lake district in the summer. People who live in Bariloche are most certainly the outdoorsy types, so if your life revolves around kayaking, hiking and mountain biking, this is the place for you.

Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires

A local neighbourhood located nearly at the geographic centre of Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo is the perfect place for expats who want to experience Buenos Aires like a local. Within walking distance of Palermo, Villa Crespo has its own identity, and at night can appear a bit dead, unless you know where the action is. But this is the beauty of this area, that it reveals itself slowly, and those who live there rarely want to ever live anywhere else.