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Check out the snow in Argentina | © Timo Newton-Syms / Flickr
Check out the snow in Argentina | © Timo Newton-Syms / Flickr
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The Best Places to Go on a Ski Season in Argentina

Picture of Sorcha O'Higgins
Updated: 31 October 2017
Seasonaires often spend the year chasing the snow, and when the ski season is over in the northern hemisphere in the USA and Europe, many ski bums head south in search of fresh powder and another winter on the slopes. So where are the best places do a ski season in Argentina?

Where and When

Although there are many ski resorts in Argentina, many of them are small and employ only locals, as much of the economy is generated by tourism, both local and international, to these small mountain resorts. The two biggest resorts in Argentina are the Cerro Catedral resort in Bariloche and Las Lenas in Mendoza. However, many report that due to the size of Las Lenas, spending an entire season here can prove difficult, so Bariloche is really the only viable option for seasonaires looking to shack up in Argentina for the southern winter. Ski season in Bariloche is from mid-June to mid-October, depending on conditions.

Skiing in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche