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The Best Places To Eat and Drink In Río Gallegos, Argentina
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The Best Places To Eat and Drink In Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Updated: 21 November 2016
Río Gallegos is a small town in south east Argentina, in fact it’s the country’s southernmost continental city. It has not yet been discovered by many tourists, which means it has still kept its Patagonian authenticity, and is a wild part of the country perfect for appreciating the harsh but beautiful landscape. Here’s our list of the best bars, cafes and restaurants in Río Gallegos.
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Puesto Molino

Puesto Molino is a traditional parrilla restaurant popular with locals. It serves a range of different cuts of meat barbecued in the classic Argentinian style, plus a good range of pizzas baked in a traditional pizza oven. The decor is quite unique: the interior of the restaurant is designed around a farming theme, with the walls adorned with tools or equipment, giving a rustic atmosphere. Its popularity with locals is thanks to the comfortable, welcoming ambience, as well as deals such as all-you-can-eat pizza on Thursday evenings.

Av Roca 854, Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Rincón del Arte Café

This cafe is located within Río Gallegos’ art gallery, making it trendy spot for a snack or light meal. It offers a classic coffee shop menu, but the cafe’s main attraction is the regular art lectures or courses on offer, plus the opportunity to enjoy a coffee surrounded by work produced by the area’s local artists. With Río Gallegos being located in such a barren and arid landscape, this art cafe makes a surprising change to the setting and adds a touch of class to the town.

Bernardino Rivadavia 131, Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Buffalo Grill House

For a tasty alternative to classic Argentinian steak or pizza, Buffalo Grill House offers a menu of Tex-Mex dishes. The interior is surprisingly modern and chic, with booth seating in keeping with the American theme, but there are also some rustic elements such as exposed stone walls. The portions are huge so can be easily shared between two, and the service is friendly and efficient. The location of Buffalo Grill House is on the coastal road, and the large windows provide diners with a lovely view, especially on sunny days.

Gobernador Lista 198, Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Cerrito’s is a tea room offering delicious pastries and enticing hot drinks, ideal after a morning spent around Río Gallegos’ windy coastal area. On offer are treats such as cakes and biscuits, savoury sandwiches, and a wide range of soft drinks or tea infusions. Orders can be eaten in or taken away, and customers can even ask for a mate, Argentina’s traditional drink. The tearoom is easily identifiable by its unusual red turret.

Gobernador Moyano y Sarmiento, Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Something Café

This small and cosy café and bar is located in the centre of Río Gallegos, just a few blocks from the river and in the middle of the town’s main hotel zone. In fact, it is the adjoining cafe of Hotel Punta Arenas, and is often full of tourists weary after a long day outdoors. It serves a range of tapas, patisserie items and other light dishes, as well as hot drinks and alcoholic beverages. It has an old-fashioned bar vibe, and there are only a few tables for an intimate setting.

Sphur 40, Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Delicias de la Abuela

Delicias de la Abuela is a quaint cafe, full of rustic wooden furniture and with a menu offering enormous portions of cakes and pastries, as well as savoury light lunches. It is most famous for its waffles, with sweet and savoury toppings such as Oreos, cream cheese and honey, or ham and cheese. The drinks menu offers hot drinks as well as a few alcoholic beverages, but on chilly days in Río Gallegos the ideal choice is a rich hot chocolate topped with a generous helping of whipped cream.

Errazuriz 26, Río Gallegos, Argentina

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Club Británico

Río Gallegos’ British Club Restaurant has a surprising history. It is part of the wider British Social Club, also located in the town, which dates back more than 100 years to the early 1900s, when sheep farming attracted a significant number of British immigrants to the area who consequently formed their own club. Today, the club still exists and the restaurant is one of the town’s best dining locations. The menu offers a wide range of Argentinian meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, as well as generous portions of dessert. The restaurant itself is rather grand, with impressive wooden doors at the entrance and sophisticated wood and leather furnishings inside.

Av Roca 935, Río Gallegos, Argentina