The Best Fashion Boutiques and Antique Shops in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

The streets of San Telmo | © Andrew Milligan Sumo/Flickr
The streets of San Telmo | © Andrew Milligan Sumo/Flickr
San Telmo is the bohemian haven of Buenos Aires, so perhaps it’s no surprise that it’s also a haven for fashion, both old and new. People rave about the antiques shops and boutiques in the area, so we have found the best stores for antiques and fashion to guide you through San Telmo.

Pablo Ramirez

Pablo Ramirez is one of Argentina's most well known designers
Pablo Ramirez is one of Argentina's most well known designers | © perceptions (on & off)/Flickr
Pablo Ramirez is a famed Argentine fashion designer who has his showroom and boutique in San Telmo. His clothes are monochrome, in black and white, and in ethereal materials such as chiffon, crepe, or natural silk. From ready-to-wear to runway styles, Ramirez’ designs will make you feel like you are part of the Golden Age of cinema, such is their elegance and class, but always with a contemporary edge. The cuts of the clothes are bold, and should ideally reflect the character of the wearer.
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Paula Saralegui

One of the original female designers of the avant-garde fashion scene that developed in Buenos Aires in the 1990s, Paula Saralegui continues to have a store on the prominent thoroughfare of Defensa where she sells her idiosyncratic designs that use natural fabrics sourced locally such as untreated wool, linen, raw silk, and hand-dyed cotton. Her touch is visible on every piece of clothing, whether a quirky hat or comfy cardigan.

El Buen Orden

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Vintage clobber at El Buen Orden
Vintage clobber at El Buen Orden | © Chris Phutully/Flickr
The go-to joint in San Telmo for all things vintage, El Buen Orden is a veritable treasure trove of old school goods. Set some time aside to go thrifting through its wares, as you never know what gems you will find lurking among the shelves. If you want to score yourself a pair of vintage shades, then this is the place for you, but it also has one of the best selections of vintage garb in the city, so don’t miss out.
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Gil Antiguedades

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While San Telmo is widely known as a haunt for lovers of all things ancient, Gil Antiguedades might just be the place where they die and go to heaven. If you’re in the market for jewels and gems, as well as homewares and trinkets from the 17th and 18th century, then this is the place for you. Owner Maria Ines Gil is an avid collector of clothing and antiques from way back when, and has a great eye for a prized possession.
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Hugo Breitman Antiques Gallery

Antiques gallery proprietor Hugo Breitman takes after his father in his love for antiques. His father started collecting pieces that had been imported into Argentina in the 19th century, and Hugo still takes care of and sells these pieces to this day, including his own discerningly-sourced finds that he hunts down today. You will find a wealth of wonderfully-preserved lamps and light fittings, as well as sculptures for home decoration and furniture in great condition.

Hugo Breitman Gallery, Defensa 1016, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4362 6102

San Telmo Market

The definitive spot for antiques bargain hunting has got to be the famous covered market in San Telmo. Not to be confused with the feria, which only happens on Sundays, many of the small shops within the confines of the market-proper sell their wares daily, and you can find everything from old license plates to lamps and magazines and cassette tapes, so there are antiques for everyone, depending on your taste in era. It is still best to go at the weekends as all of the shops are open, and there are some great vintage clothes bargains to be had as well, especially shoes and bags.
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San Telmo Feria

The feria is the daddy of all San Telmo shopping activities and has something to please every kind of shopper, whether you’re on the hunt for antiques, clothes, souvenirs, or art. The weekly Sunday market is one of the biggest attractions in the city, and it’s almost impossible to walk down the length of the market drag on Defensa without picking up something unique and Argentine. Haggling isn’t really a thing in Argentina, but if you purchase multiple items you’ll probably get a good deal.

Bargain hunting in the San Telmo feria © LWYang/Flickr