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The Best Brunch Spots in Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires
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The Best Brunch Spots in Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires

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Updated: 12 November 2016
Las Cañitas is a little sub-neighbourhood covering only a few blocks within the wider area of Palermo, a trendy an elegant area in northern Buenos Aires, especially popular with young adults and families. Here’s our guide to the best places to grab a late breakfast or a weekend brunch in this relaxed and peaceful area.
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Decata is a lovely breakfast and lunch spot, set out in classic coffee shop style. The menu offers healthy items such as yoghurt and granola, eggs and bacon, or sweeter treats such as fruit tarts. The interior is modern but with some quaint touches; rustic wooden beams, chalkboards and a traditional black and white tiled floor in keeping with the classic Buenos Aires cafe scene. Decata is located pretty much right at the centre of Las Cañitas, near to the polo field, making it an ideal spot for exploring the area.

Soldado de la Independencia 670, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Oui Oui

Located a little outside of the official Las Cañitas boundary, and closer to central Palermo, is Oui Oui, a popular cafe serving a tasty range of breakfasts. The interior decoration is colourful, with large front windows making the room light and airy, while there is also seating on the patio outside for sunny weekends mornings. The menu often has breakfast deals, plus a range of sandwiches perfect for a light lunch.

Nicaragua 6068, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Tienda de Café

On Calle Báez, the central street of Las Cañitas, is Tienda de Café, a coffee shop offering a great range of different brews. Their coffee is sourced from a number of countries, with various combinations of different blends or toasting methods. As well as coffee, there is an enticing range of edible delights, such as chocolate cake with dulce de leche or muffins and other pastries. There is outdoor seating as well as indoor, which makes Tienda de Café a great spot for people watching on Las Cañitas’ main street.

Báez 400, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Natural Deli

Natural Deli offers an amazing range of organic and completely natural wholefoods. For those wanting a change from the regular Argentinian diet of steak and fries, Natural Deli offers healthy dishes many of which are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or celiacs. The establishment is both a restaurant and small health food market, making it an ideal spot for eating in and take-away. It’s perfect for picking up a packet of nuts and a fruit juice for a morning on the go, or enjoying a relaxing morning with a light sandwich or tart.

Gorostiaga 1776, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Libros del Pasaje

Another great brunch spot, located just a short walk outside of Las Cañitas and into Palermo, is Libros del Pasaje, an enchanting bookshop with a quaint cafe inside. The walls are covered floor to ceiling with packed bookshelves, with makes a truly cosy and calm atmosphere. The cafe is at the back of the store, with a semi-conservatory glass roof and traditional black and white tiled floor. Unsurprisingly, customers in the cafe area are normally enjoying a recently purchased book, and visitors are welcome to stay and enjoy the ambience for a good few hours.

Thames 1762, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina