The Best Boutique Hotels in Las Leñas, Argentina

Chairlifts in Las Lenas | © mik_p/Flickr
Chairlifts in Las Lenas | © mik_p/Flickr
Photo of Sorcha O'Higgins
30 September 2017

Las Leñas is one of Argentina’s most popular ski resorts, after the famous Cerro Catedral in Bariloche. A haven for adventure skiers and thrill-seekers who come for the challenging backcountry and off-piste skiing, there is no shortage of accommodation. We check out the best hotels and boutique lodgings in Las Leñas.

Piscis Hotel and Spa

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View over the Las Leñas resort
View over the Las Leñas resort | © mik_p/Flickr
The most exclusive hotel in the Las Leñas resort is the Piscis Hotel and Spa. Many of the hotels that were built as part of the resort in the 1980s are named after astrological signs, and this one comes after Pisces. Located right in the heart of the resort, Piscis has a total key-count of 90 guest rooms and suites, many of which offer incredible views out over the pistes and mountains. It is famed for its spa and wellness facilities, and has a rooftop bar and restaurant, perfect for relaxing and replenishing after a long day skiing. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the common areas have a retro Alpine feel.

Virgo Hotel and Spa

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This elegant lodge is a stone’s throw away from all the action and the heart of the resort. Located close to the mountain and lifts, Virgo offers guests the best of both worlds – high-end accommodation and services with ski-in, ski-out facilities all season long. Dine in their exclusive Sushi Club and drink in the Wine Bar and Cava, or relax in the hotel’s exclusive spa, which has massage rooms, a sauna, and a fully equipped gym if the mountain didn’t challenge you enough.

Amalar Cabanas

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This collection of luxury cabins is situated in Malargue, a city in the foothills of the Andes and the hub from which Las Leñas is accessed. About an hour from the ski resort, Amalar Cabanas is perfect for those wishing to experience the magic of the Andes and maybe just spend a day or two skiing. The cabins are organised in a central common area with a swimming pool and covered decks for relaxing in the shadow of the incredible Andes mountain range. There are four different sectors of cabins to choose from, and lots of activities to partake in locally, including taking a trip to the Witches’ Cave and visiting the beautiful Laguna de la Niña Encantada.

Cabanas Los Renuevos

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The cosy interior of a log cabin
The cosy interior of a log cabin | © Timo Newton-Syms/Flickr
The rustic cabins at Cabanas Los Renuevos are set in a wooded landscape in Malargue and provide the perfect secluded retreat for anyone looking to escape the madness of the city and connect back with nature. Each cabin is made from logs sourced from El Bolson in Patagonia, and the complex is focused on sustainable tourism by maintaining the surrounding forest. The cabins are self-contained with their own kitchen and bathroom, and so are ideal for the more independent traveller.

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  • Escorpio Hotel

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    This is another one of the more traditional resort hotels and offers guests everything that they need to enjoy the Argentine ski resort experience. A ski-in, ski-out hotel like the others located in Las Leñas, Escorpio Hotel is close to the pistes and is ideal for groups of friends travelling to Las Leñas over the winter season. The bar and terrace provide views out over the resort and is the perfect place to come for lunch when you need to refuel before hitting the slopes in the afternoon.

    Hotel Club de la Nieve

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    Las Leñas an Andean ski resort, located in the western part of the Mendoza Province, Argentina
    Las Leñas an Andean ski resort, located in the western part of the Mendoza Province, Argentina | © Andre Charland / Flickr
    This hotel within the Las Leñas resort is located close to the base of the mountain and offers ski-in, ski-out accommodation for people who come to conquer the pistes. It is close to the Minerva and Caris lifts, perfect for intermediate skiers, and offers guest suites and rooms as well as apartments for people looking for a more independent experience. Hotel Club de la Nieve also benefits from a restaurant and lobby bar, as well as entertainment facilities, making it family- and child-friendly.

    Hotel Hualum

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    Hotel Hualum is a cosy, inviting hotel located in the Los Molles valley outside Las Leñas. This building looks robust and almost mountainous itself from the outside, but inside Hotel Hualum is a comfortable timber enclave, with exposed wooden beams and a wealth of fireplaces to make you feel right at home. The rooms are snug and perfect for relaxing after a long day skiing, after which you can dine in the restaurant or play pool on the mezzanine level.