The Best Bookstores in Mar del Plata

Fray Mocho is a bookstore in the city center
Fray Mocho is a bookstore in the city center | © Fray Mocho / Fray Mocho Libros
Photo of Pam Flores-Lowry
8 August 2018

From amazing beaches to delicious restaurants and unique breweries, Mar de Plata offers a wide array of experiences to visitors. In addition to these varied attractions, book lovers can also enjoy checking out the best bookstores in the city and finding literary pieces in Spanish and many other languages.

El Gran Pez Bookstore


A relative newcomer to the Mar del Plata cultural scene, this alternative bookstore in the city center was opened by five passionate editors and writers. El Gran Pez offers a wide selection of books from the best Latin American and Spanish publishers. The bookstore also stocks some books in Portuguese from Companhia das Letras. Head to El Gran Pez to discover independent materials from local publishers such as La Bola, Letra Sudaca, and Puente Aéreo. From poetry, fiction, and essays to comics and fanzines, you’ll find unique literary pieces at El Gran Pez.

Fray Mocho Bookstore

Fray Mocho Libros is a bookstore in the city center
Fray Mocho Libros is a bookstore in the city center | © Fray Mocho Libros / Fray Mocho Libros

This bookstore is located in the heart of the city, near two shopping centers. Fray Mocho Libros offers a varied selection in Argentinian literature, science, history, travel, art, culture, and design. It has a wide selection of books in Spanish, from numerous publishers in Latin America and Spain. Children can also enjoy their time visiting the bookstore by checking out the unique space prepared for little ones where they can sift through their own beginner literary finds.

Bookshop Bookstore

Books in English are available at Bookshop
Books in English are available at Bookshop | © Pam Flores-Lowry
Bookshop is located near downtown Mar del Plata. It offers a wide selection of books in Spanish and English. This bookstore sells many children’s books in both languages and has friendly staff who are very helpful. It’s also the best place to buy your English–Spanish dictionary.

Libros de la Arena Bookstore

Libros de la Arena is a well-known bookstore chain in Mar del Plata. It has five stores scattered around the city center, as well as in commercial areas such as Güemes, Constitución, and Alem. Each location offers a wide range of selections from varied publishers and on topics such as history, politics, sociology, architecture, design, novels, education, self help, philosophy, and cookery. Libros de la Arena’s selection also includes books for children and teenagers.

El Atril Bookstore

El Atril sells both new and used books
El Atril sells both new and used books | © Pam Flores-Lowry

This bookstore is part of a chain and has two main locations in Mar del Plata. Librería El Atril is a favorite among locals looking to buy and sell used books. Its selection covers a wide range of genres, including history, psychology, and sociology, as well as comics. Visitors can also find children’s books here. Not all of the books here are used, so it’s up to customers whether to purchase new reads or tomes with that delicious old-paper smell.

Brecher Bookstore

Brecher Bookstore is located in the city center. This shop is unique in that it offers a selection in a wide range of languages such as German, French, Portuguese, English, and Spanish. It has knowledgeable and friendly staff who will surely assist you in finding the right book.

Yenny-El Ateneo Bookstore

Yenny has several locations
Yenny has several locations | © Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Uruguay / Flickr
Yenny is part of a well-known chain that sells books, CDs, and DVDs (a nod to the retro!). Yenny and El Ateneo have 54 locations all over Argentina. In Mar del Plata, they are located in two shopping centers. Visitors can flip through the books, or sit down and listen to music. This bookstore also organizes events with national and international authors.

Tesín Tesán Book and Toy Store

Bookstore, Store
Books for kids
Books for kids | © Sofía Bras Harriott / Tesín Tesán

Two pediatric educators and a teacher opened this book- and toy store that offers unique games for children. It’s a kid-friendly place where visitors can enjoy a good time with their children by going through Tesín Tesán’s wide selection of entertainment in various forms. Best of all, you won’t find anything made from plastic, or that requires batteries.

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