The 7 Most Stunning Sunset Spots in Argentina

A beautiful sunset in Argentina
A beautiful sunset in Argentina | © Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería / Flickr
Photo of Sorcha O'Higgins
11 June 2018

The Argentine sky is mesmerising at the best of times, often a bright, cloudless blue that shines clear light on the expansive country below. And one of the best times to observe the sky is at sunset. Here’s a round up of the best places to watch the sun dip below the horizon across Argentina.

Cerro Uritorco, Cordoba

A beautiful sunset in Cordoba | © < Lucas > / Flickr

It’s perhaps no wonder that Cerro Uritorco makes it to the top of the list, given its mystical and magical reputation among locals. As well as being one of the most enchanting places in Argentina, this spot in the Cordobese Sierras is also one of the most stunning places to park yourself as the day begins to dwindle. Bring a blanket and sip on some mate with friends for the real Argentine experience.

Patagonia Cervecería, Bariloche

This renowned brewery was made even more famous with the opening of its incredible bar overlooking the lake district in Bariloche, Patagonia. Located just off the Circuito Chico driving route, this brewery, bar and restaurant has one of the most enviable views in the region, and you can be sure that it cost them a pretty penny to secure it. Get there early and grab one of the deckchairs – they have the best vantage point out over this breathtaking part of Patagonia.

Av 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires

Latin America’s widest avenue definitely boasts some of the best sunsets in Argentina. Many an Instagrammer has stood at the foot of the Obelisco, or further down Avenida Corrientes, to snap a shot of the sky’s gradient as the sun goes down in the west. Watch as the silhouette of Buenos Aires’ most famous landmarks appear to rise out of the bustling metropolis, backlit by a wash of orange and pink.

Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy

An amazing sunset in Jujuy | © Rod Waddington / Flickr

This one of the must-visit destinations in Argentina, not only because of the incredible beauty of its natural rock formations, but also because of how the stunning landscape changes as the sun goes to bed for the night. The fading light changes the colours of the already vibrant undulating hills, so seeing the sunset here is definitely something to write home about.

Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires

Argentina’s most well-known beach town is Mar del Plata, just five hours away from Buenos Aires by car. This city is a veritable playground, where beach meets city to give visitors the best of both worlds. Check out the sunset from the promenade or the water, if it’s not too turbulent. Or if you’re one of the many surfers that visit Mar del Plata to ride the waves, then you can catch the sunset from the sea.

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires’ docklands sit right beside the ecological reserve, so you can double your sunset bounty by hitting up both of these stunning spots in one trip. The best place to watch the sunset in Puerto Madero is looking towards Puente de la Mujer, the famous bridge that crosses the dock on the way into one of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Lago Argentino, El Calafate

The amazing sunsets in Patagonia | © Petr Meissner / Flickr

This giant lake is the perfect place to watch the sunset in the Patagonian tourist hub of El Calafate. The town goes right down to the lake, so you can find yourself a secluded spot on the beach to watch the sunset changing the the colours and shades of the wildness of Patagonia all around.