The 10 Best Restaurants In Montserrat, Buenos Aires

Photo of Maria Angelíca Maia
9 February 2017

The central Buenos Aires district of Montserrat is home to the city’s grand churches, political buildings, squares, monuments and avenidas. Take a look at the best places to eat in the area.

Moreneta de Montserrat

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Moreneta serves distinguished fresh dishes with touches of international cuisine, combining flavors in an innovative way that is more than tasty. Homemade-style meals are prepared by the team of chefs, who are Michelin Star winners for their performance in the restaurant Gadus Mallorca. The house speciality is the homemade pasta, and the sauces and dishes that accompany it vary constantly so that there are options for all tastes.A perfect, quiet place of calm sophistication in the midst of the noise of the city.


Mandiyú is an excellent choice for great pizza and calzones. Empanadas, a South American favorite, and regional dishes are also must-tries here. The atmosphere is simple, relaxed and warm. The wine chart and drinks in general are very interesting. It’s an ideal place to enjoy with friends or family .

Mandiyú, Av. San Juan 1499, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4304-5988

Chan Chan

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If you want to eat well and cheaply do not miss Chan Chan, a specialist in Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant is named after the Chan Chan ruins near Trujilo in Northern Peru, the largest pre-Colombian city in South America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the district of Monserrat this restaurant is highly recommended for those looking to taste delicious dishes of Peruvian cuisine at affordable prices. We recommend the varied ceviches, typical Peruvian food; and and for dessert, the delightful suspiro limeño.


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La Casa Rosada in Montserrat
La Casa Rosada in Montserrat | © Christian Huagen/Flickr
Come here to try cuisine cuisine from the Spanish wine-growing region of Rioja, accompanied by an amazing regional wine in Rioja restaurant. An interesting and different proposal that brings customers a little of the Rioja region of Spain, this restaurant offers signature dishes with a variety of wines from local and Spanish wineries. We highly recommend the fried sea scallops with parmesan cheese.

Laurak Bat

Restaurant, Argentina, Seafood, Spanish, $$$
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Laurak Bat is located in the Basque Center, part of Argentina’s oldest Basque Club, a meeting place for people of Basque origin. The restaurant itself has been serving customers for more than 50 years, and is considered one of the best in the city. Thus, in an environment of dances and Basque culture, exquisite dishes from this region of Spain are served. The outstanding dishes are the prawns and all the varieties of fish. The exquisite desserts are a must.

Cuba Mia

Restaurante Cuba Mia offers the interesting and fun approach to food and life that can be found in Cuba. It brings together the best of its flavors and “joy de vivre”. The food, music and the shows offered come together to create a special Caribbean feel. Great food, great ambient and great service can be found here..

Restaurante Cuba Mia, Venezuela 1200, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4382-1465


Restaurant, Argentina, Seafood, Mediterranean, Spanish, $$$
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Montserrat | © David Kirsch/Flickr
Iñaki is the result of more thsn 50 years of a family’s devotion to Basque food. In a very nice large room, simply decorated, Basque dishes are prepared by experts, and thus are authentic and delicious. Prepare for pleasant surprises. The staff is friendly and very welcoming. You can not miss this restaurant if you’re a lover of new cultures and flavors.


Prosciutto’s location on Avenida Venezuela was the first for this chain of restaurants. Housed in an old building and renovated according to the highlights of Italian architectural influences is this harmonic place. Under the lead of the chef Blanca Corrales, Prosciutto emphasizes the ‘canteen’ atmosphere. He mixes it with touches of Italian and international cuisine to create something really tasty and special.

Prosciutto, Venezuela 1212, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4383-8058