The 10 Best Restaurants In Caballito, Buenos Aires

The 10 Best Restaurants In Caballito, Buenos Aires
Caballito, located in the heart of Buenos Aires, is full of beautiful old houses, green spaces and a charming mix of people. Venture south from the energetic barrios further north in the city, and amidst the tree-lined streets in Caballito are a variety of interesting finds. Read on for the top 10 restaurants in the peaceful neighborhood.
Caballito, Parque Rivadavia/CABA © Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina/Flickr

Tia Margarita

This longstanding institution serves up plates of mouth-watering pasta and steaks to discerning locals. The prices aren’t cheap, but the quality of the food more than makes up for it, and the service is impeccable. Stick around for dessert, the tiramisu is extraordinary.
Address & telephone number: Tia Margarita, Pedro Goyena, Av 496, Caballito, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4922-6299

Pizzeria San Carlos

For delectable pizzas in Caballito, look no further than San Carlos. Choose from a lengthy assortment of pies, including classics like pizza margherita, napolitana, six-cheese, veggie or more unique types, like stuffed pizzas and calzones. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.
Address & telephone number: Pizzeria San Carlos, Av. Rivadavia 5300, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4902-0324

Honorio Restoran

With the atmosphere of a French bistro, Honorio is friendly, has swift service, and has highly affordable wines. Come by at midday for the prix fixe lunch menu, stop by in the afternoon for a coffee, or head over for dinner and a drink.
Address & telephone number: Honorio Restoran, Av. Honorio Pueyrredon 606, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4903-2121


Restaurant, Salad Bar, Dessert, $$$
Good food, good atmosphere, and good service are what define this charming restaurant, named for the trees which cover the city in purple blossoms every springtime. Settle in for a plate of osobuco and some Malbec, for a small corkage fee, diners can bring their own booze.
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El Resto Del Vivero

Restaurant, Dessert, $$$
Located in the living room of what was formerly a mansion, just moments from the university’s Philosophy and Literature building, this cozy restaurant is beautifully decorated and welcoming. Serving everything from pasta to fish to stir-fries to homemade desserts, there is something for everyone.
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Restaurant, Argentina, Pastries, $$$
Gnocchi with Truffle
Gnocchi with Truffle | © Luigi Anzivino/WikiCommons
Tuck into a generous portion of homemade pasta or gnocchi at this cheerful, friendly restaurant. With a warm, rustic ambiance, helpful waitstaff, and fair prices, this is the perfect place for a casual dinner with family or friends. Stop by at breakfast as well for a dulce de leche-filled croissant before a day of exploring the city.
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Just a few blocks from Primera Junta subte station is this modern, attractive restaurant, which offers a great deal at lunchtime: an appetizer, main, beverage, and dessert for a reasonable set price. Don’t miss the bread basket, which includes olive toast and herb rolls.
Address & telephone number: Calcio, Rivadavia 5701, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4988-9289

El Mayoral

Restaurant, Argentina, $$$
Tenedor Libre
Tenedor Libre | © dragonflysky/Flickr
The concept of a tenedor libre, or ‘free fork,’ restaurant, is a quintessential Argentinian phenomenon: a self-serve buffet for a set price. El Mayoral is a great place to go with a big group of people with diverse tastes; there are meats, fish, pasta, and more. A dessert and drinks are included in the fixed price, so be prepared for a veritable feast.
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This neighborhood favorite is always full of hungry locals, and for good reason. With hearty portions, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a wide selection of offerings, it’s no surprise at all that denizens of Caballito flock to Mangiata for huge plates of pasta.
Address & telephone number: Mangiata, Av. Ángel Gallardo 601, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4982-6843

Rosatto Restaurante

Rosatto offers a variety of dishes and an extensive wine list, and all of it is well executed. If the weather is nice, sit outdoors for a view of one of the most beautiful blocks of all of Caballito. Start off with a delicious, warm empanada, and follow it up with a bowl of risotto.
Address & telephone number: Rosatto Restaurante, Av. Del Barco Centenera 401, Buenos Aires, Agentina, +54 11 4988-1232